The Pre-Master's Program (For the MAS and MSHMS Programs)


The Pre-Master’s Program (PMP) provides international students with the advanced academic skills they need to be successful in the Master of Administrative Science (MAS) and Master of Science in Hospitality Management Studies (MSHMS) degree programs. Specifically, it helps them to write a at Master's level.


Students who enroll in the program meet all the academic admission requirements, but require additional preparation in academic reading, writing and research skills at the graduate level.


Students can self-select to take this program or be placed in the program based on the outcome of the Vancouver Campus Academic Writing Placement Test.

Students and teacher

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Mya McKay






Mya McKay, Lecturer
Email: Mya McKay
Tel: 604-648-4405

Mohammed-Amiena 2016






Amiena Mohammed








Nela Damjanovski