Program Learning Outcomes

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Becton College

Affiliated Health Concentration (BSAHT, BSCLS, BSMIS)

BS Biology

MS Biology

BS Chemistry and Biochemistry (Concentration: Pre-Pharmacy)

MS Chemistry

MS Chemistry (Concentration: Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

College Writing

BA Communication Studies

MA Corporate and Organizational Communication

BA Philosophy

BA Creative Writing

BA Humanities

BA Literature

BA Spanish Language and Literature

MA Creative Writing and Literature for Educators

MFA Creative Writing

BA Mathematics

BS Computer Science

MS Computer Science

BA Behavioral Neuroscience

BA Psychology

MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling

MA Industrial/Organizational Psychology

MA Psychology

BA Criminology

BA History

BA Political Science

BA Sociology

BA Animation

BA Film

BA Fine Arts

BA Graphic Design

BA Theater Arts


Petrocelli College

BAIS Vancouver

BS Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management and BAIS Specialization in Hospitality Management

MS Hospitality Management Studies

MS Service Innovation and Leadership Multidisciplinary Programs

BA Interdisciplinary Studies

MPA Public Administration

BA Individualized Studies (BAIS) (includes terminal AA program)

MAS Master of Administrative Science

MA Student Services Administration (MASSA)

MS Cyber and Homeland Security (MSCHSA)

MSA Master of Sports Administration


Silberman College

BS Programs (all assessed together as Business Undergraduate Programs)

MS Accounting

MS Taxation

MBA for Executives (MBA-E)

MBA Programs (except for MBA-E)

University College

BA Mathematics

BS Computer Science

BS Civil Engineering Technology

BS Construction Engineering Technology

BS Electrical Engineering

BS Electrical Engineering Technology

BS Information Technology

BS Mathematics

BS Mechanical Engineering Technology

MS Management Information Systems

MS Computer Engineering

MS Computer Science

MS Electrical Engineering

MS E-Commerce

Metro Writing Studio

MA Mathematical Foundations

MA Education for Certified Teachers

MA Educational Leadership

MA Learning Disabilities

MA Teaching

Masters in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (TESL/TEFL)

QUEST Undergraduate Teaching

Programs in Language, Culture, and Professional Advancement (PLCPA)

BA Communication

BA Art and BA in Fine Art

MA Media and Professional Communications

BA Criminal Justice

BA International Studies

BA Political Science

MA Criminal Justice

BA English Language & Literature

BA Humanities

BA History

BA Philosophy

BS Biochemistry

BS Biology

BS Chemistry

BS Marine Biology

BS Science

MS Biology / Minor in Business

MS Cosmetic Science

MS Chemistry (with Pharmaceutical Chemistry Concentration)

BA Psychology

MA School Psychology

MA General/Theoretical Psychology

MA Program in Forensic Psychology

PhD Clinical Psychology

Postdoctoral MS in Clinical Psychopharmacology

PsyD in School Psychology

AS in Radiography, BS Medical Technology,
BS Radiologic Technology

MA Science

BS Nursing (B.S.N.)

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT)

MS Nursing (M.S.N.)