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Human Resouces Documents

Accepting a Job/Interviewing Do's and Don'ts

Alcohol Use Request Form [download]

Application for Family Medical Leave And State Family Leave

Application for Temporary Employment

Background Check Policy [download]

Background Check Waiver [download]

Change of Status Notice

Confidentiality Policy [download]

Data Collection Form [download]

Dental Claim Form [download]

Direct Deposit Form [download]

Disciplinary Plan Process [download]

Emergency Notification Form [download]

Employee Authorization Form [download]

Employee Guidance Record [download]

Employee Tuition Grant [link]

Exempt Salary Table 2018 [download]

Exit Interview [download]

Form I-9 for Employment Eligibility Verification [download]

Flexible Spending Account Documentation [download]

Form W-4 for Tax Withholding [download]

Guide for determining workers status [download]

Instructions for Employee Performance Evaluation and Development Plan -- Instructions for Employees [download]

Interim Performance Evaluation Instructions for Supervisors [download]

Interim Performance Evaluation for Professional/Administrative Employees [download]

Interim Performance Evaluation for Not-In-Unit Nonexempt Employees [download]

Interview Guidelines [download]

Independent Contractor Agreement [download]

Instructions for Special Payroll Notice [download]

Invitation to Voluntarily Self-identify as a Protected Veteran [download]

Invitation for Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability [download]

Local 153 Salary Card 2018

Local 153 Self Evaluations [download]

Local 153 Performance Evaluations by Supervisor [download]

New Jersey State Form W-4 for Tax Withholding [download]

Notification of Part Time Teaching Assignment

Not-In-Unit Non-Exempt Salary Table 2018 [download]

Override Policy [download]

Performance Evaluation & Development Plan for Not-In-Unit Nonexempt Employees [download]

Performance Evaluation & Development Plan for Professional/Administrative Employees [download]

Performance Evaluations Instructions for Supervisors [download]

Personnel Request Form [download]

Personnel Information Notice [download]

Personnel Information Notice Instructions [download]

Personnel Information Notice for Vancouver Employees Only [download]

Salary Reduction Agreement [download]

Semi Monthly Payment Voucher [download]

Special Payroll Notice [download]