Wintersession Tuition and Fees

The tuition for a Wintersession course is determined by its number of credits, the level of the course (undergraduate or graduate), and the college or school through which it is offered. The chart below lists the per credit tuition charges for 2020 Wintersession courses.

Undergraduate Tuition Per Credit

Undergraduate Tuition for Wintersession is $1006 based on Part Time Undergraduate Tuition.

Graduate Tuition Per Credit

Silberman College $1,347.00
University College Tier 1: masters level programs in education; history, political and international studies; natural sciences; and psychology $1,285.00
University College Tier 2: masters level programs in computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, electronic commerce, management information systems, medical technology, nursing, and systems science. $1,347.00
University College Tier 3: doctoral programs $1,405.00
Becton College and Petrocelli College $1,285.00


Students in the EMBA, Saturday MBA program, the PhD programs in psychology and other "special billing" programs should consult their dean or director for Wintersession tuition and fees.

Wintersession Fees

Technology Fee (per credit) - $12 (applies to all Wintersession courses)

University Wellness Fee (per credit) - $4 (applies to all Wintersession courses conducted on campus or
blended but not study abroad

Payment Information

Payment in the form of cash, check or money order is accepted in the Office of Enrollment Services. In addition, FDU offers a secure online payment method. Please see the Enrollment Services "Make a Payment" page.