Undergraduate Tuition and Fees - Metropolitan Campus

All fees, tuition and charges are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the University’s Board of Trustees. These fees are 2019-2020 fees. New tuition and fee charges for 2020-2021 will be announced in the spring of 2020. Please check with the Office of Enrollment Services for current charges.

Application fee

All students applying to the University for the first time and all students reapplying after a lapse of one or more semesters will be charged the application fee, which will not be refunded or credited to tuition.


Full-time Undergraduate Students, Metropolitan Campus



*Full-time students are charged a flat-fee tuition in the spring and fall semesters. Students are permitted to register for 12-18 credits per semester.


Full time Undergraduate student per credit rate for students not eligible for flat rate tuition


Residence Halls

Fee inclusive of fall and spring semester. Excluded are vacation, summer session, winter session and special contractual arrangements. Off-peak rates per week are $330.00

Single Occupancy
Double Occupancy
Triple Occupancy
University Court with Kitchenette (Residents in these apartments are required to take, at a minimum, the D meal plan.)  
Single Occupancy
Double Occupancy
Triple Occupancy
Double: Honors and Global Students
University Court without Kitchenette  
Single Occupancy
Double Occupancy(Standard)
Triple Occupancy
Linden Halls & International House  
Linden Six -- Year-Round Housing (Double)
Linden Six -- Year-Round Housing (Single)

Food service for the academic year:

Fee inclusive of fall and spring semester. Excluded are vacation, summer session, winter session and special contractual arrangements. Off-peak rates per week (where available): $162.00

A) Unlimited meals + $100.00 flex plan
Basic plan required of all residents
B) Unlimited meals + $200.00 flex plan $4,930.00
C) Unlimited meals + $200.00 flex plan + $100 1Card $5,130.00
D) 8 meals + $200.00 flex plan
Available in University Court, with kitchenettes. Also for approved students who demonstrate sufficient need for exemption because of medical or religious reason.
E) 175 meals + $150.00 flex plan + $100 1Card $4,730.00
F) Commuter Plan $724.00
Technology Fee $924.00
University Wellness Fee $140.00
Returned check charge $25.00
Transcript Fee (per copy) $5.00
New Student Fee, nonrefundable
(international students, new freshmen and transfers)
Graduation Fee (Undergraduate degrees)
Graduation Fee (Accelerated degrees)
Health and major medical insurance per year*:
U.S. citizens
International students

*Can be waived for domestic students. Also can be waived in certain circumstances for International Students with documentation of alternative coverage. However, this coverage cannot be waived for International Students with F or J visa status. Domestic and international students starting before the Fall Term will be charged a single summer fee of $447.00 for summer 2019. International students graduating at the completion of the Fall semester 2019 and returning to their home country may request a partial refund of the annual premium. Coverages for spouse and/or children is available in Enrollment Services or Student Affairs offices.  

Experiential learning credits


Fee per Posting - (6 credit limit):

Peace Corps

Fee per Posting:  

Special Challenge Examinations and other University-evaluated credit for prior experience

Auditing fee, regular (per course)



Add $10.00 registration fee/technology fee per semester and any required course fees.

Other Expenses

Estimated cost for each academic year for books, supplies and equipment varies from $500.00 to $625.00, depending upon the curriculum.

Medical technology students pay a fee of $1,074.00 for the 32 college credits earned in the 12-month hospital practice period. The fee, which covers supervision of the program, is payable in the fall semester of the senior year.