Graduate Tuition and Fees

Important Information about eBill for Graduate Students

Tuition and Fees for Academic Year 2019-2020

All fees, tuition and charges are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the University's Board of Trustees.

Fees and charges are for the academic year 2019-2020 or for the specific service described, unless otherwise stated. New tuition and fees charges for 2020-2021 will be announced in the spring of 2020. Please check with the Office of Enrollment Services for current charges.

Per credit, per semester

Silberman College $1,347.00
University College Tier 1: masters level programs in education; history, political and international studies; natural sciences; and psychology $1,285.00
University College Tier 2: masters level programs in computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, electronic commerce, management information systems, medical technology, nursing, and systems science. $1,347.00
University College Tier 3: doctoral programs $1,405.00
Becton College and Petrocelli College $1,285.00
Becton College School of Arts MFA in Film, AY 2019-2020 [not including fees]
     Residency Fee each $2,500

Per module

MFA in Creative Writing [not including P/T or F/T Technology Fee]
     Residency Fee each $1,700
MA in Creative Writing and Literature for Educators
     Residency Fee each $1,000

Flat-rate Programs

Annual (inclusive of technology fee)  
Nursing Post-Masters $23,170.00

21-Month Program
MBA in Management for Executives (per academic year) $40,570.00
MBA in Management for Health Systems Executives (per academic year) $40,570.00

Per Course
Saturday MBA $894/1014 per credit
Clinical Psychopharmacology / per course $1,636.00
MA in Corporate and Organizational - dual degree - Bergamo $16,307.00
Per Academic Year  
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology $41,698.00
    Dissertation (per semester)
Internship Charge (per semester)
Dissertation Maintenance (per semester)
Psy.D. in School Psychology (5 yr program) $41,698.00
    Dissertation Charge (per credit)
Summer Internship Charge
Dissertation Maintenance (per semester)
Psy.D. in School Psychology (3 yr program) per credit $1,405.00
    Other fees as for 5 yr program above (see Tier 3 doctoral tuition above)

Doctor of Pharmacy Program

Doctor of Pharmacy $39,550.00
Doctor of Pharmacy Dual Degree, MS/MHS/MA Track $41,912.00
Doctor of Pharmacy Dual Degree, MBA/MPA Track $44,272.00
E-learning Fee Year 1, includes iPad $1,324.00
E-learning Fee Year 2 through 4 $578.00
Student Services Fee per year $342.00

Summer Session at Wroxton College

Does not include airfare or technology fee. With exception of Wroxton programs listed below, tuition is charged per credit based on the student's program of study.

Corporate Communications Course (Summer 1) $3,854.00
Seminar in International Business (Summer 1) TBA
Room, board and fees on above two programs. $1,351.00

Fees per Academic Year

Application Fee $50.00
Library Thesis: Doctoral $200.00
Library Thesis: Masters (three copies) $50.00
Security ID Card replacement $25.00
Matriculation maintenance: Master's Program, per semester $139.00
Matriculation maintenance: Proficiency Exam $265.00
Auditing Fee per course: Senior Citizen, Metro Campus $265.00
Auditing Fee per course: FILL, Florham $265.00
Auditing Fee per course: Alumni Plan (plus $10 registration fee, technology fee as shown below, and any required course fee) $685.00
Auditing Fee per course: Other than above -- Fee equal to tuition for one credit hour for each course. Add $10 registration fee/technology fee per semester and any required course fees.  
University Wellness Fee per credit $4.00
Technology Fee: Full-time (per term) $462.00
Technology Fee: Part-time (per term) $215.00
Technology Fee: Wintersession, Summer Session 1, or Summer Session 2 (per credit) $12.00
Graduation Fee: Master's Degree $245.00
Graduation Fee: Doctoral Degree $495.00
Transcript Fee per copy $5.00

Health and Major Medical (Mandatory)

Mandatory only for full-time students, can be waived for domestic student swith documentation of alternative coverage.Also can be waived in certain circumstances for International Students with documentation of alternative coverage. However, this coverage cannot be waived for International Students with F or J visa status. Domestic and international students starting before the Fall Term will be charged a single summer fee of $447.00 for summer 2019. International students graduating at the completion of the Fall semester 2019 and returning to their home country may request a partial refund of the annual premium. Coverages for spouse and/or children is available in Enrollment Services or Student Affairs offices.

International Students (Full-time and part-time) $1,581.00
Domestic (Full-time only) $1,581.00


Additionally, there are other fees assessed for specific student requests such as thesis binding. Accident insurance is available on an optional basis for all students. For information on these and other fees, contact the Office of Enrollment Services.

All graduate students in residence will be assessed fees according to fee schedules of Metropolitan Campus or Florham Campus.