Residence Payment - New Jersey Campuses


The New Jersey campuses are the sites of traditional residence halls, as well as residence halls of contemporary architecture, featuring rooms grouped in suite arrangements with lounge and baths included.

The Student Union Building at the Metropolitan Campus and Student Center at the Florham Campus offer dining facilities that are open seven days a week. Dining is available on a cash or ticket basis.

The campuses are in residential communities located within commuting distance of New York City, thus making the cultural and urban advantages of Manhattan accessible.

Residence Hall Payments

The residence hall deposit of $350.00 (nonrefundable) is deducted from residence hall charges that are payable once a year, prior to the beginning of the fall semester. No reduction is made for room or board during absences. In the case of withdrawals, residence refunds are made on a prorated basis, but there will be no refund after the fifth week of a semester.