University Offices


Board of Trustees

Office of the President

Christopher A. Capuano, Ph.D.; President
Jeanne Mazzolla; Assistant to the President
Barbara Dawson; Special Assistant


Office of General Counsel


John M. Codd, Esq.; General Counsel
Martha C. Young, B.S.; Assistant to the General Counsel
Barbara Luhmann; Legal Assistant


Office of Communications


Angelo Carfagna, M.A.; Associate Vice President for University Communications
Dina Schipper, B.A.; Executive Director of Communications and News
Carol T. Black, M.A.; Director of University Publications
William R. Kennedy, M.A.S.; Director of Web Operations
Duff Sheffield, B.A.; General Manager, WFDU Broadcast Media
Hector Torres, B.A.; University Graphic Designer


Office of the University Provost


Gillian Small, Ph.D.; University Provost and Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs

            Office of Educational Resources and Assessment

Catherine Kelley, Ph.D.; Associate Provost for Educational Resources and Assessment
David Lavoie, Ph.D.; University Director, Center for Instructional Design
Sandra Selick, Ph.D., University Director, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

            Office of Enrollment Management

Luke David Schultheis, Ph.D.; Vice President for Enrollment, Planning and Effectiveness
Traci Banks, B.S.; Associate Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid
Elizabeth Dikovics; Special Assistant to the Vice President of Enrollment Management
Brad Allison, M.S.; Director of Data Management/Analysis and Communications


Colleen Curtis, B.A.; University Director of Undergraduate Admissions Operations
Susan Brooman, B.A.; University Director of Graduate and International Admissions
Andrew Ippolito, M.S.; Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Marketing, Metropolitan Campus
Anita Rivers, M.A.; Director of Undergraduate Adult and Part-Time Admissions

                  Financial Aid

Renee Volak, M.M.; University Director of Financial Aid
Carmen Ferrari, M.S.; Director of Financial Aid, Metropolitan Campus
Theresa A. Coll, M.A.; Director of Financial Aid Operations

        Office of Florham Campus Executive

Brian Mauro, Ph.D.; Campus Executive
Marc DeBoer, B.S.; Deputy to the Campus Executive
Mary Keyser; Special Assistant to the Campus Provost

            Office of Metropolitan Campus Executive

S. Craig Mourton, MPS; Interim Campus Executive
James Deleppo, M.S.; University Director of International Student Services

            Office of International Affairs

Jason Scorza, Ph.D.; Vice Provost for Academic and International Affairs
Diana Cvitan, M.A.T.; Director, Office of Global Learning/Office of Global Partnerships
Brian Swanzey, M.A.; Director of Study Abroad for Outreach
Anne Miksza, M.A.; Director of Study Abroad for Operations

            University Core

Kiron Sharma, Ph.D.; Director, Florham Campus
Judith Kaufman, Ph.D.; Director, Metropolitan Campus
James Gifford, Ph.D., Director, Vancouver Campus
Michele Barto, Ed.D.; Director, Online/Off-campus Programs

            Office of Career Development

Donna Robertson, M.A.; University Director of Career Development
Ryan Stalgaitis, Ed.M.; Interim Florham Campus Director of Career Development

            Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects

Jane Tsambis, M.B.A.; University Director of Grants and Sponsored Projects

            Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

Sam Michalowski, Ph.D.; Associate Provost, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

            Library Services
                  Metropolitan Campus

Kathleen Stein-Smith, M.A., M.S., M.A., Ph.D.; Associate University Librarian / Director of Public Services
Maria Kocylowsky, M.A., M.L.S.; Associate University Librarian / Director of Business Library
Patricia Murray, M.S.L.S.; Collection Development Coordinator
Richard A. Goerner, M.L.S.; Head, U.S. Government Documents
Michele Nestory, M.L.S.; Librarian, Business Reference Library, and Coordinator, Outreach and Advancement

                  Florham Campus

Brigid Burke, M.A., M.L.S., Ph.D.: Technical Services and Digital Projects Librarian
Eleanor Friedl, M.L.S.; Reference and Special Collections
Nicole Potdevin, M.L.S.; Reference Librarian, Information Literacy
Robert Richlan, J.D., M.L.S.; Reference Librarian, Law


Office of Government and Community Affairs


Peter J. Woolley, Ph.D.; Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Matthew J. Dikovics, B.A.; Director of Government and Community Affairs
Barbara Dawson; Assistant to the Director of Government and Community Affairs
Krista Jenkins, Ph.D.; Director of FDU Poll
Harry Keyishian, Ph.D.; Director, Editorial Committee, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press
Minna Proctor, M.F.A.; Editor in Chief of The Literary Review


Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration


Hania Ferrara, Ed.D., M.B.A.; Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
Lisa Carnevale; Special Assistant to Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
Gail Lemaire, Executive Assistant to the Sr. Vice President/University Risk Manager

        Office of Finance

Frank N. Barra, C.P.A.; Associate Vice President for Finance
Agnes Scaglione, B.S.; Director of Internal Audit
Frank Lawson, M.B.A.; Director of Budgeting Services
Juliette Brooks, B.S.; University Director of Purchasing
James Pierce, M.B.A.; Controller
Gregory Sarajian, M.B.A.; Manager of Accounts Payable
Aeda Ghandour-Khamis, M.B.A.; Manager of Credit and Collections/Student Loan

        Office of Enrollment Services

Carol Creekmore, M.A.S.; Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services

      Office of Facilities and Auxiliary Services

Richard Frick, M.Ed.; Vice President for Facilities and Auxiliary Services
Paul Palladino, B.S.; Acting Associate Director of Facilities / Project Manager, Florham Campus
Michael DiArchangel; MEP Manager, Florham Campus
Michael Ervelli; Buildings and Grounds Manager, Florham Campus
Peter Bonasia; Acting Associate Director of Facilities / Project Manager, Metropolitan Campus
Augusto Paule; MEP Manager, Metropolitan Campus
Michael Noe; Buildings and Grounds Manager, Metropolitan Campus
Heidi Fichtenbaum, B.E.D.; Senior Project Manager

        Office of Auxiliary Services

Robert A. Valenti, M.A.S.; Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services
Cathy Paris; Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services


Andrew Egan; Manager, Florham Campus (Follett Higher Education Group)
Maureen Delaney; Manager, Metropolitan Campus (Follett Higher Education Group)

            Copy Center and Fleet Copiers

Richard Villanueva; Bi-Campus Manager, Collegiate Press

          Food Service

Jeff Gourley, AOF; Director, Florham Campus (Gourmet Dining Services, Inc.)
George Kuzma; Director, Metropolitan Campus (Gourmet Dining Services, Inc.)

          Mail Room

Raymond Schafer; Manager (The Millennium Group)

      Office of Human Resources

Rose D'Ambrosio, M.B.A.; Associate Vice President of Human Resources
Julie L. Friedman, B.A.; Director of Payroll
Maureen Curry, M.A.; Manager of Compensation
Stefanie Miller, M.A.; Manager of Employee Benefits
Patricia Miller, M.B.A.; Manager of Employment

      Office of Information Resources and Technology

Neal Sturm, M.B.A.; Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Saul Kleinman, B.A.; Associate Vice President for Management Information Systems
Stuart Alper, B.S.; University Director, University Systems and Security
Manish Wadhwa, M.B.A.; Director, Academic Technologies
Lane Goldstein; University Director, Access Technologies
Ralph Knapp, B.S.; Director of Computing Services -- Florham Campus
Robert Pelech, B.S.; Director of Computing Services -- Metropolitan Campus
Kimberly Hart; Manager of Telephone and Voice Services
William T. Van Wert, Jr.; Multimedia/Logistics Assistant


Office of University Advancement


Richard Reiss, B.S.; Senior Vice President for University Advancement
Karen Ann Lewis, Ph.D.; Executive Director, One University Many Dreams
Christopher S. Groff, M.S.; Executive Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Karin Hamilton, M.B.A.; Executive Director of Alumni Relations
Delia Perez, M.A.; Director of Planned Giving
Laura Reynolds, M.B.A.; Director of Special Events
Jeffrey Knapp, M.B.A.; Director of Development, University Athletics
Jillian Sandoval, M.S., Associate Director of Corporate and Foundations Relations
Jennifer Troxell, M.S.; Assistant Director of Development and Alumni Relations
Leslie Frucht, M.A.; Manager of Research and Records
Richard Datzko-Banta, B.S.; Manager of Donor Relations



Office of Florham Campus Executive

(For campus offices and departments in alphabetic order, please see Florham Campus index.)


Brian Mauro, Ph.D.; Campus Executive
Marc DeBoer, B.S.; Deputy to the Campus Executive
Mary Keyser; Special Assistant to the Campus Provost

      Academic Support Services
        Academic Support Center

Darshan Shah, B.Pharm, M.B.A., M.A.S.; Director

      Conference Operations

Kristin Granade; Coordinator

      Disability Support Services

Darshan Shah, B.Pharm, M.B.A., M.A.S.; Director

      Educational Opportunity Fund

Marjorie A. Hall, M.A.; Director

            Office of International Services

James Deleppo, M.S.; Director

      Athletics Division III

Jennifer Noon, B.A.; Director

    Public Safety

Joseph Vitiello; Interim Campus Director

            Florham Institute for Lifelong Learning

Bruce Peabody, Ph.D.; Director

    University Honors Programs

April Patrick, Ph.D.; Director, Florham Campus

            Office of the Dean of Students

    Wellness Center

Stephanie Koempel, Ph.D.; Director of Counseling Services
Susan Boisnier, R.N., M.S.N., A.P.N.; Director of Student Health Services


Office of Metropolitan Campus Executive

(For offices and departments in alphabetic order, please see Metropolitan campus index.)


S. Craig Mourton, M.P.S., M.S.; Interim Campus Executive
Angela DePoalo, M.A.; Assistant to the Provost

        Academic Resource Center

Michael D. Kohn, B.A.; Acting Director

        Academic Advising Center

Andrea Mosca, M.S.; Director

      Educational Opportunity Fund

Marjorie A. Hall, M.A.; Director

      International Student Services

James Deleppo, M.S.; University Director of International Student Services

    Athletics Division I

Cathy Liggett; Interim Athletic Director
Sean Morrison, B.A.; Director of Development and Marketing for University Athletics

    Global Scholars Program

Samuel J. Raphalides; Director

    Center for Psychological Services

Stefanie Ulrich, Ph.D.; Director

    Office of Public Safety

David A. Miles, M.S.; Director

    University Honors Programs

M. Patricia Warunek, Ph.D.; Director, Metropolitan Campus

    Office of the Dean of Students

Vidal Lopez, M.P.S.; Dean of Students
Childerick Barthelus, M.A.S.; Assistant Dean of Students for Commuter Students

    Office of Campus Ministry

Rev. Jim Om; Director

    Office of Residence Life

Ruben C. Flores, M.Ed.; Associate Dean of Students for Residence Life, Housing, and Campus Ministry

    Office of Student Life

Jessica D. Harris, M.Ed.; Director

    Office of Student Health Services

Ann Mahan, B.S., R.N., N.P.; Director of Student Health Services/Nurse Practitioner

    Office of Counseling and Psychological Services

Alice Mills, Ph.D.; Co-director
David Mednick, Psy.D.; Co-director

    Regional Center for College Students with Learning Disabilities

Mary L. Farrell, Ph.D.; University Director
Barbara Byrnes, M.A.; Metropolitan Campus Director
Mary Hebert, Ph.D.; Florham Campus Director
Grace Hottinger; Coordinator of Admissions


Colleges, Institutes, Schools, Departments


Maxwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences


Geoffrey Weinman, Ph.D.; Dean
Jennifer K. Lehr, Ph.D.; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Elizabeth Feeley, M.S.; Associate Dean of Student Services
Deborah Pilipie Dobson, B.A.; Director of Becton College Advising Center

    Biological and Allied Health Sciences Department

Patricia Melloy, Ph.D.; Chair

    Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Alexey Teslja, Ph.D.; Chair

    Communication Studies Department

Gary Radford, Ph.D.; Chair
Kathleen Haspel, Ph.D.; Director of M.A. in Communications

    Literature, Language, Writing, and Philosophy Department

Matthieu Boyd, Ph.D.; Chair
Rebecca Chace, M.F.A.; Director of B.A. in Creative Writing
M. Kathryn Douglas, M.A.; Director of College Writing
Rene Steinke, M.F.A.; Director of M.F.A. in Creative Writing

    Physical Education Department

Elizabeth Feeley, M.S.; Chair

    Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics Department

Laila Khreisat, Ph.D.; Chair
Diane Richton, M.S.; Director of Developmental Mathematics

    Psychology and Counseling Department

Anthony Tasso, Ph.D.; Chair
Donalee Brown, Ph.D.; Director of Clinical Mental Health Programs

    Social Sciences and History Department

Gary Darden, Ph.D.; Chair
Meghan Sacks, Ph.D.; Director, Criminology Program

    Visual and Performing Arts Department

Howard Libov, M.F.A., M.A.; Chair
Robin Barkley, M.A.; Director of Animation and Graphic Design Program
Stephen Hollis, B.A.; Director of Theater Arts Program
Stacie Lents, M.F.A.; Director of Acting


Silberman College of Business


Andrew J. Rosman, Ph.D.; Dean
James G. Almeida, Ph.D.; Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Janette Shurdom, M.B.A.; Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Student Services
Peter Caliguari, M.B.A.; Director of Executive M.B.A. Programs
Gina Murray, Ph.D.; Advising Counselor for Graduate Programs, Metropolitan Campus
Courtney Chambers, M.B.A.; Advising Counselor for Graduate Programs, Florham Campus
Mary Sakin; Director of Placement and Outreach
Jennifer Page, M.A.; Undergraduate Program Advisor, Florham Campus
Linda Salavarria; Undergraduate Program Advisor, Florham Campus

         Accounting, Tax, and Law Department

Ron West, J.D., C.P.A.; Chair

            Economics, Finance, and International Business Department

Karen C. Denning, Ph.D.; Chair

        Marketing, Information Systems, and Decision Sciences Department

Zhaobo Wang, Ph.D.; Chair

    Management and Entrepreneurship Department

Gwen Jones, Ph.D.; Chair

    Rothman Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Timur Pakay, M.A.; Executive Director

    Institute for Sustainable Enterprise

Joel Harmon, Ph.D.; Executive Director


School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


Michael Avaltroni, Ph.D.; Dean
Anastasia Rivkin, Pharm.D.; Assistant Dean for Faculty
Barbara Rossi, M.A.; Assistant Dean for Experiential Education
Chadwin Sandifer, Ed.D.; Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Programmatic Effectiveness
Yong Guo, Ph.D.; Director of Research and Graduate Studies
Patricia Lemmerman, M.S.; Director of Student Affairs and Community Engagement
Leslie McRae, M.S.; Director of Technical Operations
Jennifer Olsakowski, Pharm.D.; Director of Student Pharmacist Practice
Gail Rattinger, Pharm.D.; Director of Pharmacy Practice
Tracy Templin, M.S.; Director of Admissions and Marketing
Sandeep Vansai, Ph.D.; Director of Pharmaceutical Science
Joseph Gulfo, Ph.D.; Executive Director, Institute for Patient-Centered Innovation (iPCI)


Anthony J. Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies


Lisa Braverman, Ph.D.; Dean
Thomas B. Swanzey, Ph.D.; Associate Dean
Deborah Fredericks, Ph.D.; Associate Dean for Continuing Education and College Learning Outcomes Assessment
Anthony J. Adrignolo, P.E., M.S.O.R.; Director of Global Transportation Studies Program

         School of Administrative Science

James H. Behnke, M.Ed.; Director of Web, Instructional Technology and Online Learning

    International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Joseph L. Tormey, D.H.T.M.; Director

    Office of Online Programs

JoAnna Steiner, M.S.; Associate Director

    Division of Continuing Education

Karen Nelson, M.S.Ed., M.B.A.; Senior Program Director
Barbara Torna, B.A.; Senior Program Director

    Enhanced Freshman Experience Program

Yeaoh Kim, Ed.D.; Assistant Director

    Puerta al Futuro Program

Fernando Alonso, J.D.; Director

            Korean Studies Program (MiraeRo)

Eun Jeong Lee, M.B.A.; Director

    Latino Promise Program

Fernando Alonso, J.D.; Director

    Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Lawrence Winters, Ph.D.; Director


University College: Arts - Sciences - Professional Studies


Vicki Cohen, Ed.D.; Interim Dean
Mutiara Mohamad, Ed.D.; Director, Programs in Language, Culture, and Professional Advancement

           School of Art and Media Studies

Karen Buzzard, Ph.D.; Director

    Lee Gildart and Oswald Haase School of Computer Sciences and Engineering

Alfredo C. Tan, Ph.D.; Director
Howard Silver, Ph.D.; Deputy Director, Engineering, Engineering Technology and Information Technology

    School of Criminal Justice, Political Science, and International Studies

Samuel Raphalides, Ph.D.; Director

    Peter Sammartino School of Education

Vicki L. Cohen, Ed.D.; Director
Daniel Aronoff, M.A.; Deputy Director; Interim Director, M.A. in Educational Leadership Program
Carol Karpinski, Ed.D.; Director, Master of Arts in Teaching Program
Teresa Oettinger Montani, Ed.D.; Director, Learning Disabilities Program
Miriam Singer, Ed.D.; Director, QUEST/B.A.-M.A.T.
Vincent Martone, M.A.; Assistant Director, Field Placement, Records, and Career Services

      School of the Humanities

Janet Boyd, Ph.D.; Director

    School of Natural Sciences

James Dougherty, Ph.D.; Co-director
Marion McClary, Ph.D.; Co-director

    Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health

Minerva Guttman, Ed.D.; Director
Sylvia Colon-Cabassa, DNP, MSN, RN, FNP; Associate Director, Baccalaureate Nursing
Marilyn Rubin, Ed.M.; Associate Director, Allied Health Programs
Elizabeth Parietti, Ed.D.; Associate Director, Graduate Nursing Programs
Maryelena Vargas, DNSc; Coordinator of D.N.P. Program

    Physical Education

David Langford, M.Ed.; Athletic Director
Catherine M. Liggett; Coordinator

    School of Psychology

Ronald Dumont, Ed.D.; Director, School of Psychology
Judith Kaufman, Ph.D.; Director, Psy.D. and M.A. Programs in School Psychology
Stephen Armeli, Ph.D.; Director, M.A. Program in General-Theoretical Psychology; Director, Undergraduate Psychology Programs
Katharine Loeb, Ph.D.; Director, Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology
Robert Prentky, Ph.D.; Director, M.A. Program in Forensic Psychology
Stefanie Ulrich, Ph.D.; Director, Center for Psychological Services

  Wroxton College

Nicholas D. J. Baldwin, Ph.D.; Dean


Vancouver Campus
Wilfred Zerbe, Ph.D.; Campus Executive
David O'Reilly, M.B.A.; Deputy Campus Executive
Natalia Kharitonova, Ph.D.; Associate Director of Admissions
Ajay Garg, Ph.D.; Associate Director of BAIS and MAS Programs
Bahareh Assadi, Ph.D.; Assistant Director of BAIS and MAS Programs
Ozen Asik-Dizdar, Ph.D.; Coordinator of Business Administration Program
Vasu Janarthanan, Ph.D.; Coordinator of Information Technology Program
Gudrun Dreher, Ph.D.; Director of Global Scholars Program
Amy Yan, B.S.C.; Director of Marketing and Recruitment
Candice Ho, M.B.A.; Regional Marketing Manager, Asia-Pacific
Jobin Mojtabavi, M.A.S.; Director of Student Services
Jonn Martell, B.Sc.; Director of Technical Operations
James Gifford, Ph.D.; Director of University Core Program