February-March 2017

See the World

At FDU, students get to see the world — one study-abroad course or program at a time. During winter session, students traveled to England, Iceland and Bermuda. This spring, courses will take them to London, Switzerland and Italy. And some summer courses include learning experiences in China, Japan, India, England, Belgium, France and Luxembourg as part of their curriculum.

Winter Session

Week in England

Four students from the Metropolitan Campus Global Scholars Program and 16 students from the Florham Campus spent a week in England from January 13 to 20. They were accompanied by Vidal Lopez, associate dean of students (Metro); Craig Mourton, associate campus provost (Metro); and April Patrick, literature and director, University Honors (Flor).

During a two-night stay in London, the group enjoyed a double-decker bus tour, visiting museums and historic sites and shopping. They then traveled to Wroxton College, where they attended lectures by Wroxton faculty members on understanding British culture, Britain’s political structure, its educational system and the monarchy. The group also went on day trips to Banbury, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick. The highlights of the weeklong trip included watching a performance of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. It was preceded by a lecture on the production by Pamela Mason, English (Wrox), as well as an afternoon at Warwick Castle.

Wroxton Group - Craig, Vidal and April
With students on the steps at Wroxton Abbey are, Craig Mourton, back row left, associate campus provost (Metro); April Patrick, literature and director, University Honors (Flor), front row left; and Vidal Lopez, associate dean of students (Metro), front row right.

Global Scholars in Iceland

As part of the Global Scholars program’s short-term, study-abroad requirement, 12 students from the Metropolitan Campus visited Iceland from January 4 to 9. Samuel Raphalides, political science/history, director of Global Scholars Program and interim director, criminal justice/political science/international studies (Metro), and Michelle McCroy Heins, dean of students (Metro), traveled with the group.

According to Raphalides, “The purpose of the trip was partly geological, cultural and sociological; basically learning how the people utilize the environment and its geothermal wealth to satisfy their basic needs.”

The group visited geyser geothermal areas, took a glacial walk and stood at the divide between North America and Europe. “There was so much to see and absorb, including how Iceland produces 30 percent of its tomatoes in greenhouse gardening powered by geothermal and hydroelectric energy,” added Raphalides.

Among the trip’s highlights were visits to the National Museum of Iceland, which provided a narrative of the origins of the nation’s 330,000 people, and to a power plant that geothermally heats the underground water for Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital. Its runoff allows the country’s global visitors to experience bathing in the famous Blue Lagoon.

To read about the trip from the perspectives of two attending students — junior Melanie Perez and graduate student Olivia Ford — and to view pictures from their Iceland adventure go to http://view2.fdu.edu/fdu-whats-new/feature-stories/2016-2017/01/touring-iceland-a-modern-frozen-fabled-land/.

Iceland Trip
Michelle McCroy Heins, back row left (in yellow) dean of students (Metro), and Samuel Raphalides, back row right, political science/history, director of Global Scholars Program and interim director, criminal justice/political science/international studies (Metro), join global scholars in a hike in an Icelandic glacier.

MFA Winter 2017 Residency

Twenty-two students and nine faculty members traveled to Wroxton College in January for the winter 2017 residency of the MFA program in creative writing. Faculty members included René Steinke, English and director, MFA in creative writing; Minna Proctor, Becton College and editor-in-chief, The Literary Review; and creative writing faculty members Jeffrey Allen, David Daniel, Donna Freitas, David Grand, H.L. Hix, Rosie Schaap and Eliot Schrefer.

Highlights of the 10-day residency (January 4 to 14) included interviews with Elena Lappin and Jackie Kay, two visiting writers from the United Kingdom; and readings by graduate students and faculty members. In addition, faculty members conducted lectures and workshops on various topics such as “Character Study” (Proctor); “On Jackie Kay’s Trumpet and a Selection of Poems(Steinke); “You Must Read This: E. M. Forster’s Howards End” (Schrefer); a poetry workshop “Isn’t it Ironic?” (Hix); “Writing About Love, Sex and Romance” (Freitas); “On Distortion: The Other Magical Realism” (Allen); and “On the Place of Poetry in Nonfiction” (Schaap).

On their “travel day,” some students visited Oxford or London while others remained at the Abbey and spent time in the village.

MFA Group 3
René Steinke, left, English and director, MFA in creative writing, introduces a presentation by graduate student Amanda Ramirez, BA’15 (Flor).

Lacrosse Training in Bermuda

The Devils men’s lacrosse team — 35 players, coaches and support staff — traveled to Bermuda in January to do its preseason training at the National Sports Centre in Devonshire. “The objective was to train and get ready for our season,” Patrick Scarpello, head men’s lacrosse coach, athletics (Flor) said. “We worked on our fundamental skills and started to put in some offensive and defensive schemes.” The season started on February 21.

The Devils also played against the Bermuda National Team in an indoor game held at a local high school. “It was a great opportunity to play with the national team, and indoor lacrosse is a different game from field lacrosse, so it was fun,” Scarpello added.

Scarpello first brought the team to Bermuda in 2014. He returns to the island “three or four times a year” to work with the Bermuda team.

Spring Break

Hospitality, Tourism Students in Switzerland and Italy

Students in the International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management will go to Italy and Switzerland in March as part of their Advanced Global Seminar course.

Eighteen students will travel to Italy during spring recess. They will fly out on Friday, March 10, and return Saturday, March 18. They will be accompanied by Metropolitan Campus faculty and staff members Donald Hoover, hospitality/tourism management; Aixa Ritz, hospitality/tourism management; and Ashley Ferraro, instructional coordinator, hospitality/tourism management.

They will stay at the Hotel Posta in Reggio Emilia, a historic building that dates back to the 13th century. Among the activities planned are visits to the Apicius International School of Hospitality in Florence, where the group will attend a cooking lesson with the school’s chefs; the Barilla Pasta factory in Parma, where they will cook with chefs at the Academia Barilla; Bologna to visit the Gelato Museum Carpigiani and the five-star Grand Majestic Hotel, where they will have lunch and observe “back of the house” operations. In addition, they will visit a winery in the Emilia Romagna region for a tasting; a local producer of parmesan cheese to watch the production process; and a local balsamic vinegar production center.

From Friday, March 10, to Saturday, March 18, seniors from ISHTM will go to Switzerland, not only to learn to travel as professionals but to study European hospitality and sustainability with recognized leaders in the industry. Kirsten Tripodi, hospitality/tourism management (Metro), will lead the group.

The ISHTM contingent, which will stay in Engelberg, will visit Zurich, Lugano, Bern, Lucerne and Gruyeres. “In addition to visiting a university to attend a lecture on tourism, we will also participate in historic walking tours and visit a sustainable farm and a sustainable sturgeon farm,” Tripodi said. The group will also go to a ski resort and visit a cheese, cookie and, possibly, chocolate factories.

London Theater Experience

During spring break, 14 students will take a seven-day trip to England as part of The London Theater Experience taught by Stephen Hollis, theater and director, theater arts (Flor).

The group will see seven plays, which will include “Twelfth Night” at the National Theater and revivals of “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead,” “The Miser” and “An Inspector Calls.” According to Hollis, “The trip also includes a tour and acting workshop at Shakespeare’s Globe, a visit to the London Theatre Museum, talks from professional actors and another acting workshop at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, all in central London.”

Summer Study Abroad

Wroxton College, England

This year’s International Communication and Culture Seminar, which is offered as part of the MA in communication program, is scheduled from Sunday, May 28, to Friday, June 9, in Wroxton College, England.

The 12-day seminar consists of invited speakers, case studies, site visits and leisure trips to London, Stratford-upon-Avon and Oxford. The seminar aims to familiarize students with the cultural, historical and political contexts in which international business transactions take place, from a United Kingdom and European perspective.

Students will examine case studies conducted by U.K. media, advertising and public relations practitioners, which show how issues of culture, history, politics and theory play out in actual corporate communication practice. They will also have the opportunity to attend seminars at the Harris-Manchester College of Oxford University. They will be hosted at Harris-Manchester College by Susan Llewelyn, senior fellow at the college, who will give a personal guided tour. The day will end with the FDU students having high dinner with the Oxford students in their dining hall.

The total cost for the trip is $3,981 — $2,696 covers tuition for a 3-credit course; $1,099 for room and board (room, three meals daily on campus, site visits, transportation, theater tickets and speaker expenses); and $186 for fees. The cost does not include airfare, and students are required to make their own flight arrangements to the United Kingdom.

Students from the MBA program, the MA in organizational behavior, the BA in communication studies and other universities and colleges may also register with permission from the course leader, Gary Radford, communication and chair, communication studies (Flor). For more information contact Radford at gary_radford@fdu.edu or go to http://view2.fdu.edu/academics/becton-college/communication-studies/ma-communication/study-in-england/.

A fourth Wroxton College summer session will be held jointly by FDU and Randolph-Macon College (R-MC). It will run from Saturday, May 27, through Saturday, June 24. Students choose one course and get a second course for free. The FDU courses being offered are Anatomy of Contemporary Britain and The Development of British Painting, while the R-MC courses are Comparative Education and International Business Concepts.

The group will also visit places such as London, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath and Stonehenge. The cost of the program is $5,335 (excludes airfare), and will include the two courses, fees, room and board and the cost of the trips and activities. For information contact Brian Swanzey, director of study abroad (Flor), at 973-443-8086 or brian_swanzey@fdu.edu. To apply to this unique, study-abroad experience go to http://view2.fdu.edu/global-education/fdu-study-abroad/wroxton/the-wroxton-experience/.

England, Belgium, France and Luxembourg

Students will travel to England, Belgium and France as part of the undergraduate history three-credit courses The Western Front in World War I and The Western Front in World War II. They may choose to take one or both courses, and get a 50 percent discount off the tuition for the second course. The group will spend May 21 to 31 in classes at the Florham Campus, and then travel from June 2 to 16 to Wroxton College, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. They will be accompanied by Gary Darden, history and chair, social sciences/history (Flor).

Among the sites they will visit are London’s Imperial War Museum and Churchill War Rooms in England; the Paris National Army Museum, Napoleon’s Tomb and World War I battlefield memorials and cemeteries in France; World War II battlefield memorials and cemeteries in Belgium; and the medieval fortress in the capital city of Luxembourg.

The cost of $2,777 includes room and board at Wroxton College, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, site visits and 12 meals off campus. It excludes airfare and tuition. For information contact Darden at darden@fdu.edu.

Bergamo, Italy

Students can choose to spend the summer in Bergamo, Italy — taking either a language (Elementary Italian I and II), literature/film (Italian Mafia in Literature and Film) or criminology (Comparative Criminal Justice Systems: U.S. and Italy) class — from Saturday, May 20, to Saturday, June 10. By taking any one of the above courses for credit, students may also take the following courses Italian Romanticism and Risorgimento through Literature, Art and Music for free.

The travel package of $2,500 includes daily accommodations and breakfast, lunch and dinner for weekdays spent in Bergamo (not on weekends), all transportation in Italy, excursions in Milan and Venice and museum visits. The cost does not include tuition and airfare. A nonrefundable deposit of $1,000 is due by Friday, March 3, with the remaining balance due on Friday, April 21. Students taking the criminology course have the option of taking only this course and staying until Tuesday, May 30, for $1,600.

For more information contact Gloria Pastorino, French/Italian (Flor), at gpastor@fdu.edu.


Students in Field Experience Global will travel to Japan from Thursday, June 8, to Sunday, June 18. The course will give students the opportunity to compare and contrast instructional strategies and methodologies used in Japan and New Jersey.

The travel fee is $2,600 (excluding airfare). For information contact Bryan Meadows, education (Metro), at bryan_meadows@fdu.edu.

Pune, India

As part of the course Global Issues, students will have the opportunity to travel to Pune, India, from Friday, June 9, to Tuesday, June 27. The one-credit course, which will focus on sustainability, will feature unique experiential-learning activities with a local nongovernmental organization. Students will also go on a two-day trip to the ancient caves of Ajanta and Ellora, a UNESCO World Heritage site; enjoy cuisines from different parts of India; and meet and network with local Indian university students and faculty.

The cost is $1,212 (includes a $500 guaranteed scholarship) and does not include airfare and visa. Those interested may contact any of the following Florham Campus faculty members: Nandita Ghosh, English, at nghosh@fdu.edu; Delicia Koeneke, Becton College, at dkoeneke@gmail.com; and Kiron Sharma, computer science and director, University Core, at sharma@fdu.edu.

Chengdu, China

Students can spend five weeks at the Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad in China from Friday, June 2, through Saturday, July 8, or from Friday, July 14, through Saturday, August 12, and earn 3 to 9 credits.

Among the courses offered — all taught in English — are Chinese Food and Culture, Criminal Justice Ethics, International Law and Organizations, Introduction to Sociology and The Chinese Economy. Internship opportunities in many fields are also available. Tuition cost ranges from $1,953 to $5,100 and does not include airfare or student visas.

For information contact Anne Miksza, assistant director of study abroad (Metro), at amiksza@fdu.edu.

Study Abroad Information

For a complete list of upcoming study-abroad courses go to http://view2.fdu.edu/global-education/fdu-study-abroad/upcoming-opportunities/.