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Faculty Day at United Nations

On October 30, the University’s Office of Global Learning sponsored and co-organized a United Nations Faculty Day with local higher-education institutions affiliated with the U.N. Department of Public Information (UNDPI) (Rutgers University, Lehigh University, Adelphi University, Felician College, Mercy College and Seton Hall University).

The day was designed for inspiration, learning and networking at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. FDU sent 18 faculty members with emerging and established global perspectives from various disciplines to participate. They were Francesca Degiuli, psychology (Flor); Mohamed El-Sherbeini, biology (Flor); Benjamin Freer, psychology (Metro); Stephanie Honchell, history (Metro); Kyle Kattelman, political science (Metro); Jong-Chae “JC” Kim, administrative science (Metro); Delicia Koeneke, Becton College (Flor); Mutiara Mohamad, director, Programs in Language, Culture and Professional Advancement (Metro); Jordan Nowotny, criminology (Flor); Alevoor “Ravi” Rao, computer engineering/computer science (Metro); Aixa Ritz, hospitality/tourism management (Metro); John Schiemann, political science (Flor); Carrie Shanafelt, English (Metro); Patricia Ukaigwe, nursing (Metro); and Marylena Vargas, nursing (Metro).

UN Headquarters

This daylong event focused on expanding and building sustainable, effective collaborations between university educators and the United Nations.

It started off with a welcome by Maher Nasser, director of the Outreach Division of the Department of Public Information. The event continued with five panelists discussing faculty engagement at the United Nations. The morning session concluded with Nikhil Chandavarkar, chief, Outreach and Communications Branch, Division for Sustainable Development, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, speaking about the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

After the morning session, the participants headed to the U.N. Delegates Dining Room to enjoy an international buffet while networking.

Afterward, Ylva Braaten, associate librarian of the Dag Hammarskjöld Library, introduced attendees to the resources the U.N. library has to offer to higher-education institutions and how they can become more involved in the U.N.

The day ended for the FDU group with a visit to the U.S. Mission. The faculty members were introduced by Ambassador Michele Sison, U.S. deputy representative to the United Nations. Esther Pan Sloane, foreign service officer and adviser, Economic and Social Council Section spoke about the U.N. Funds and Development Programs.