April/May 2016

FDU Renews Ties with Mexican University

FDU renewed ties with CETYS University (The Center for Higher and Technical Education), a partner institution in the state of Baja California, México, by signing a new memorandum of understanding in March.

An agreement of FDU’s Global Opportunities Program, a dual-degree program which allows CETYS students to complete their degrees at one of the FDU campuses, was signed by FDU’s Vice Provost for Academic and International Affairs Jason Scorza and CETYS President Fernando León Garcia. During the signing ceremony FDU faculty, staff and the CETYS students were able to network and discuss future opportunities for cooperation.

FDU CETYS Agreement
From left are Jason Scorza, vice provost for academic and international affairs (Metro/Flor); Fernando León Garcia, CETYS University president; and Heberto Peterson, CETYS faculty member.

In addition, a group of CETYS undergraduate students led by CETYS faculty members José Luis Espinosa Garza and Heberto Peterson came to FDU from March 31 to April 2 for a United Nations/Intercultural Understanding Seminar organized by FDU’s Office of Global Learning. The program included classes taught by FDU faculty and visits to BASF and Just Jersey (a small local business in Morristown) to show the students different aspects of sustainable business practices in the United States.

Over the past several years, FDU has conducted numerous programs in conjunction with CETYS. For example, Ethné Swartz, associate dean for innovation and strategic initiatives, Silberman College, taught an MBA class on entrepreneurship and innovation in 2013 at the school’s Mexicali campus. Within the same year, a group of CETYS graduate students came to the Florham Campus for the first time to participate in a summer business seminar led by FDU faculty. Then in 2014, students of CETYS University came to FDU to attend a semester-long exchange program for the first time. Since CETYS is committed to developing its entrepreneurship curriculum, the school has also partnered with FDU and San Diego State University for assistance in this effort. This summer, FDU will welcome a graduate-student group from CETYS for a weeklong business seminar.

CETYS was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in 1961 and eventually established campuses in Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensenada. It offers both undergraduate and graduate-degree programs in the areas of management and business, engineering and the humanities. The university also offers general, bilingual and international high school, and its president is a member of the International Association of University Presidents.