Visiting and Touring

Campus visits are crucial in determining which college to attend. Students know this, and they visit FDU with an eye toward many things: academic opportunities, student lifestyles, extracurricular activities. Parents also weigh the options when visiting colleges, although they are more often concerned with costs, transportation issues, and the general atmosphere of a campus. Students and parents should share their expectations and needs before and after they visit universities so that they can discuss topics openly. All parties should understand that there are many factors that determine the suitability of a college and that these factors often vary widely.

Places to Stay Near the Campuses

When you and your student visit FDU, take some time to relax. Explore our two campuses, and get to know the unique characteristics of each. Ask questions, and consider what sort of atmosphere and academic options best suit your student’s needs and desires. Take your time; get to know us. We welcome you wholeheartedly as a member of the FDU family, and we hope to see you soon.

Schedule a campus visit through the Undergraduate Admissions department.

Florham Campus maps

Metropolitan Campus maps