MultiCultural Clubs

African Heritage Society

The purpose of the organization is to create awareness of African culture, society, people and places in order to diminish the stereotypes associated with the African continent.

BARKADA Filipino Club

The goals of the BARKADA Filipino Club are to stimulate the academic, cultural and social interests of Filipino-Americans and introduce the Philippine culture to the campus community.

Black Men Alliance

The purpose of this organization is to promote an environment that encourages achievement and stresses the importance of academics within the black community and to provide and recognize positive role models for minority students.

Caribbean Connection

This organization aims to educate all students by developing a better understanding of Caribbean culture, topics, issues and diversity.

Chinese Students Friendship Association (CSFA)

This organization promotes Chinese culture at FDU and enhances a mutual understanding among students from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The organization brings together Chinese students as well as alumni to develop constructive and cooperative relations and support dialogues with local communities.

Haitian Cultural Association

This club’s main purpose is to increase awareness and educate the campus about Haitian culture and increase awareness of issues in the Caribbean in general.

Indian Cultural Experience

This organization aims to pro- mote Indian culture, heritage and unity through interaction with Indian students and the general campus community by sponsoring a wide variety of events and programs.

International Student Association (ISA)

The purpose of the International Student Association (ISA) is to spread, develop and carry out — in a spirit of fraternity, equality and collaboration — all cultural expressions of the countries it represents.

MultiCultural Council

The MultiCultural Council serves as the umbrella organization for all cultural student organizations on the Metropolitan Campus. The organization provides cultural student organizations with a voice in critical campus issues, a forum for discussion of cultural issues concerning all students and a vehicle for affecting change on campus.


Naptural is about embracing the nature of beauty, individuality, self-acceptance and ethnicity. Specific goals of the organization are accepting one's roots, literally and figuratively, along with empowering its members with confidence to love the skin they're in. In addition, the organization works to overcome the negative and discriminating prejudices toward self-beauty set by the media.

Nubian Ladies Making Vital Progress

The main purpose of this club is to support, encourage, enlighten and praise all women no matter what race. It provides a forum for open and systematic group activities that allow the members to open up their horizons about a wide variety of topics.

Organization of Latin Americans (OLA)

This organization was established to raise awareness of Latin-American heritage and influence in the community and around the world. It strives to reach out to many groups through the Metropolitan Campus by creating a wide range of programs and service projects.

PISA Italian-American Club

The Proud Italian Students Association’s (PISA) goal is to spread both the Italian language and culture on and off campus. It works closely with many other college Italian clubs throughout the northern and central New Jersey areas, including but not limited to Rutgers University, William Paterson University, Drew University, Montclair State University and FDU’s College at Florham. PISA members regularly attend meetings and functions of those other clubs. PISA is a member of Amici Della Cultura Italiana (Friends of the Italian Culture), a foundation started by Joseph Coccia, a generous benefactor who wishes to see the Italian culture passed on to this and future generations.  

Saudi Arabian Students Association

The Saudi Arabian Students Association is dedicated to promote interest in the Saudi Arabian culture and history. The goal of the organization is to increase the understanding between Saudi Arabian culture and other cultures. In addition, the organizations establishes new and interesting events to create a fellowship among students and faculty.


Spectrum recognizes the various shades of its' members' sexualities and works to unite gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual individuals. It provides a safe, interactive forum for its members through educational, social, and community service programs.

Women's Empowerment Association

Women's Empowerment Association serves to empower women in the FDU community through education, bonding, and community service. All students are welcome to participate in learning about women's rights, sexism, domestic violence, and other contemporary women's issues through interactive programming.


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