Room Selection 2020 (Metro Campus)

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2020 room selection poster

Room Selection Timeline:

Deposit & Application Deadline - Wednesday, April 1

L.I.F.E. House Application deadline - Wednesday, April 1

Requesting A Roommate feature goes live - Monday, March 9
(must submit Housing Application and a Residence Hall Deposit ($350) to be eligible)

Priority Room Selection Day times announced - by Friday, April 3

Keep My Room Day - Tuesday, April 7

Medical Singles & Special Living Options Selection Day - Wednesday, April 8
(Graduate Housing - UC1, Global Scholar's Hall - UC4, L.I.F.E. House - UC5, and Honor's House - UC6)

Priority Room Selection Day - Thursday, April 9

General Room Selection - Friday, April 10 to Saturday, June 1
(for Study Abroad students and students that missed Keep My Room Day or Priority Room Selection Day)


Keep My Room Day - Room selection day for residents that would like to remain in their current room for the following academic year. Students will be able to select their room at any time during this process. In order to participate in Keep My Room Day, you must have enough occupants to fill the requested room by this selection day.

Example: If only one resident of a double room would like to keep the same room, you can pull
another resident into the room and qualify for Keep My Room Day. *Freshmen that reside in a
Linden freshman room, may not keep their same room.

Priority Room Selection Day - Room selection day for residents that would like to select another room on-campus for the following academic year. Based on the number of completed credits (does not include credits in progress during the Spring semester), each applicant will be assigned a specific time to log-in and select their room/roommate. Students will have the ability to view rooms prior to their selection time, but will not be able to choose a room until their assigned selection time.

Special Living Options - Global Scholars, Honor's Scholars, and L.I.F.E. House members will only have access to the rooms associated with their programs.

Housing Modification Requests - Students with disabilities that require a specific type of housing assignment to ensure equal access to the housing program may request a housing accommodation by submitting a Housing Modification Request Form for Students with Disabilities to the Office of the Campus Executive who will then make a recommendation to the Housing and Residence Life. Students that have applied, and been approved, for a Housing Accommodation will only have access to ADA Compliant Rooms and/or Medical Singles.

General Room Selection - This room selection period is for commuter students and students that did not submit their Housing Application and/or deposits by the established Room Selection deadline.

Administrative Assignments - Students that apply after General Room Selection ends will be assigned a room and roommate by the Housing and Residence Life.

Commuter Students:

Commuter students are only eligible to participate in Keep My Room Day or Priority Room Selection Day if they are selecting a room with a current resident. Both the commuter student and the resident student must meet the Spring Room Selection application and deposit deadline. Otherwise, commuter students will have to select their room during the General Room Selection period.

Study Abroad Students:

Students studying abroad are only eligible to participate during the General Room Selection period.

First-Year & New Students:

Room Selection is the process in the Spring semester by which current FDU students only (resident and commuter) apply for and select their residence hall rooms and roommates for the following academic year.

First-Year & New Students, please click here to apply for housing.

Housing Deposits:

Deadline: April 1

A nonrefundable Residence Hall Deposit ($350) is required for all current residents to be eligible to participate in Keep My Room Day or Priority Room Selection Day. Students who pay their deposit after April 1 will only be able to participate in our General Room Selection Process which begins on April 10 and ends on June 1.

Note 1: All EOF students and Full Scholarship Athletes will have their Residence Hall Deposits ($350) waived by their respective office. If you are unsure of your status, please contact the office you are affiliated with directly in order to get confirmation.

Note 2: Current commuter students and former residents, see Deposit Page to determine deposits you will need to pay.

Paying Your Deposit Online:

All deposit payments can be made directly at

Step 1 - Select “Deposit Payments Only”

Step 2 - From drop down menu, select “H. Residence Hall Deposit Only”

Step 3 - Submit Payment

Please keep a copy of receipt for your records. If your deposit is late, you will not be able to participate in Keep My Room Day or Priority Room Selection Day. You will only be able to participate in the General Room Selection Process.

Apply for Housing:

To complete an online Housing Application, log-in to MyHousingusing your FDU NetID and password. After logging in, select "Returning Student Housing Application".

For full instructions see "How To Apply For Housing".

*applications submitted without a Residence Hall Deposit will not be processed.

Special Living Options (Global Scholars Hall, L.I.F.E House, & Honors House):

Students who would like to live in University Court 4 & 6, must be current participants in either the Global Scholars or Honors program. A list will be provided to Housing and Residence life and only those students will be allowed to select these rooms during the Room Selection Process.

  • For more information regarding L.I.F.E. House, click here.
  • To apply to L.I.F.E. House, see L.I.F.E. House Agreement.
  • Deadline to apply (application and essay) for L.I.F.E. House is April 1.

For more information:

Please visit the Housing and Residence Life