Microfridges & Refrigerators

Effective December 31, 2008:

Approved refrigerator size:

Personal refrigerators permitted in the residence halls are not to exceed 4.4 cubic feet.

Only one unit per room:
In accordance with the mandate of the Teaneck Fire Department and University policy, only one (1) unit will be permitted in each residence hall room (either a personal refrigerator or a rented MicroFridge).

Talking with your roommate:
Since only one unit is permitted per room, prior to arriving on campus on your move-in day, please discuss the following with your roommate:

         Do either of you already own a refrigerator?
         Do you want to share in the cost of renting a MicroFridge unit from the approved vendor?
         Do you both want to share in the cost of purchasing a personal refrigerator?

Unauthorized refrigerators:
Additional refrigerators or refrigerators larger than the authorized 4.4 cubic ft. size will be confiscated and become property of the University. Residents will also face disciplinary charges and a fine.

We thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this important matter.

If you have additional questions, please stop by the Housing and Residence Life.

To order a MicroFridge unit through our vendor, click the image below:


Contact the service staff at Campus Specialties directly at:
service@campusspec.com  or   (800) 525-7307

Troubleshooting issues with your microfridge.