Cancellations (Metro Campus)

as of 11/13/15, paper Cancellation Request Applications have been discontinued.

Any student who has decided to not attend FDU or has decided not to reside on campus must notify the Housing and Residence Life immediately by submitting a Cancellation Request Application via MyHousing. At minimum,the residence hall deposit ($350) is forfeited.

Supporting Documentation

1. To avoid a delay in processing your Cancellation Request Application, please make sure you provide all required supporting documentation listed for the reason you are requesting a cancellation.

2. Scan (no photographs) and email any supporting documents (in pdf form) to:

Once a student moves into his/her residence hall room and/or signs his/her Housing & Meal Plan Contract,he/she is bound to the contract for one entire academic year (August to May). Refer to the "VIII. Cancellation and Refund" section of the Housing & Meal Plan Contract for more information.