Metro Campus Placement Assessment

One of the most exciting endeavors as you commence your journey at FDU is the creation of your first course schedule.

In our effort to identify the most appropriate course selection, customized based on your academic and individualized needs, the University provides you with the opportunity to participate in placement assessment activities. The purpose of these activities is to help enroll you in the courses in which you will be most successful. As students are provided with their course schedules during the New Student Orientation, it is important that you complete all the required assessments prior to attending the orientation date for which you have signed up. Personalized information regarding the specific assessments each student may be required to complete will be sent directly to the student.

The placement assessments are meant to provide our University personnel with a survey of your skills in mathematics, reading, and writing. Based on your chosen degree program and your potential interest in pursuing a second language, an additional assessment may be administered.

Online or In-Person Assessments

The majority of the placement assessment activities may be completed in person or online. A valid photo ID is required to partake in all placement assessment activities whether students choose to complete this requirement in person or online.

You only need to complete one of the options and the tests are the same regardless of which option you choose. Please reach out to or the Academic Resource Center at 201-692-2076 with your questions.


Students may attend any of the available in-person Placement Assessment opportunities before their selected New Student Orientation date. Placement Assessment sessions will be available starting in late-April. Please use this link to select and sign-up for the in-person placement assessment session of your choice.


Students may choose to complete these assessments from the comfort of their homes before their selected New Student Orientation date.

All you need is a computer, a webcam, and a high-speed internet connection. No additional software is required prior to your placement assessment appointment. The live online proctor will provide the necessary software to effectively proctor your test session remotely. After the session is complete, your proctor will conclude the test session and remove any remote proctoring software from your workstation.

Students who choose to complete their placement assessments using the online option will be subject to a $25 charge for using the online proctoring services, unless they live more than 50 miles away from the FDU Metropolitan Campus.