Metropolitan Campus Math Retest Signup Form

Can you do better on your math placement test?

One of the most tangible items you received as part of your orientation session was your fall class schedule. The courses selected for you were based on your results on the placement tests.

Over the years we have heard from students that they might have been able to do better on the math placement test if they had prepared more by refreshing their skills.

Use the form below to sign up for one of the available options.

Testing will take place in Robison Hall, Room 501, on the Teaneck side of campus.

  • 10 AM on Monday, August 27, 2018
  • 3 PM on Monday, August 27, 2018

What happens next?

  • If you are able to retest into a different math section (you will receive the results on the same day of the retest), it will be your responsibility to contact your academic advisor to have your schedule adjusted. If you are unsure of whom your academic adivsior is, the test proctor will be able to assist.
  • If your retest results in a lower score you will not be penalized and no change to your fall schedule is required.

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