Graduate and Pre-professional Advisement

The goal is to promote preparation for and enrollment in graduate and professional programs.


  • To advise students, in consultation with faculty, of educational opportunities available at the graduate level.
  • To provide information and assistance regarding admission processess and pre-admission testing.
  • To inform students of scholarships, fellowships, and also other special programs.
  • To compile recommendations for submission with applications.
  • To coordinate with Career Development and Placement, Cooperative Education, and faculy in planning employment opportunities to enhance student's profile.


All undergraduate and graduate students and alumni of FDU are encouraged to seek the services of the Center. Students should be enrolled and begin career planning as early as the freshman year, and no later than junior year for undergraduate students. The competitive admissions process for graduate school requires extensive thought and preparation.


  • Goal Setting
  • Program Planning
  • Academic Achievement
  • Academic and Employment related experiences
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Selection of suitable Programs and Institutions
  • Preparation for pre-admission testing
  • Portfolio compilation
  • Investigation of scholarship and financial assistance
  • Interview process

Making the most of a college experience, prepares a student for the future.


Prof. A.J. Adrignolo, P.E.
Graduate School and Professional Studies Advisement Center
Robison Hall-Room 37
Metropolitan Campus

Phone: (201) 692-2770