Academic Advisement Center

The Academic Advisement Center is a campus-based academic resource for all undergraduate students. Professional advisors are available year-round for questions regarding University policies and regulations, as well as to help students understand curriculum requirements of their chosen majors or possible new majors.

Academic Advisors help students with class schedules and have extended hours during the peak registration periods. Throughout the semester, advisors are available to help students on academic probation attain good academic standing through the Academic Achievement Program.

The Academic Advisement Center promotes academic initiatives through innovative programming and involvement in campus-wide co-curricular events. We participate in annual programs such as the Wellness Fair, Major Madness, Orientation, as well as other University-wide academic happenings.

To speak with an advisor, stop by the Academic Advisement Center in Robison Hall, Room 30 or call (201) 692-2339. To see our office hours, click on When We're Available.


Some Helpful Information/Tips:


Our Location:

Robison Hall
Room 30
(201) 692-2339 Phone
(201) 692 -2233 Fax

Where do I go when...

I need an official transcript:  
Records: 201-692-2365

I want to change my major:
Records: 201-692-2365

I have a question about my loans:
Financial Aid : 201-692-2363

I have a question about billing/payment:
Enrollment Services:

I want to do an internship/coop for credit:
Career Development:

I'm feeling ill:
Student Health Services:

I need a tutor:
Academic Resource Center:

I have questions about my scholarship:
Financial Aid: 201-692-2363

I need help picking a major:
Academic Advisement Center

I'm feeling depressed:
Student Counseling & Psychological Services: 201-692-2174

I have a transfer evaluation question:
Transfer Student Services:

I have an "incomplete" grade:
The professor of that course

I disagree with a grade I received:
The professor of that course

I'm graduating and need a job:
Career Development:

I'm interested in studying abroad in Wroxton:
Wroxton Office: 201-692-7218

I have a question about my VISA:
International Student Services: