Room Reservations and Catering

Florham Campus

On the Florham Campus, all available meeting rooms are reserved through Conference Operations. To make a reservation, please see contact information at right. This includes the following spaces:


  • Lenfell Hall
  • Hartman Lounge
  • Great Hall
  • Sarah Sullivan
  • Fritz Lounge
  • Lenfell Hall Portico
  • Provost Portico
  • Clowney Gardens (by the Fountain)
  • Italian Gardens (side of Mansion)

Stadler Zenner Academic Building (NAB)

  • Rice Lounge
  • 2nd Floor Conference Room

Ferguson Recreation Center

  • Rutherford Room
  • Large Classroom
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Aerobics Room
  • Lobby
  • Hall of Fame (2nd floor lobby)

Monninger Center

  • Orangerie
  • Monninger Center Lobby


Dreyfuss Theater (with approval from Theater department)

Student Center

  • Bottle Hill Room
  • Florham room
  • Sammartino room
  • Wroxton Room
  • Student Center Mall
  • Cafeteria (with approval from Gourmet Dining)

Residence Hall Area

  • Twombly Lounge
  • Rutherford BBQ
  • Village Basketball Courts
  • Village BBQ

Outside space

  • Recreation Center Plaza
  • Library Lawn
  • Athletic Fields

Contact Information

Kristin Granade

Download printable
room reservation form


Metropolitan Campus

Room Reservations provides the services necessary to use and /or rent the Metropolitan Campus facilities, for the University community as well as for outside organizations and associations. Anyone wishing to reserve a room should use the contact information on the right.

Arrangements that should be handled by this office include 

  • room reservations
    •  availability
    •  capacity
    •  pricing structure
    •  contracts
  • food services
  • facilities setup
  • public safety
  • instructional media
  • insurance requirements
  • telecommunications availability
  • telephone services
  • tours for potential facility use

Contact Information

Reservations for members of the FDU Community

Angela DePoalo

Reservations for groups or individuals external to the University

Beth Reuse

Mailstop T-RH2-09
1000 River Rd
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Catering, Food Service

Gourmet Dining Services provides an Online Ordering System