Testing FDU Alert

The FDU Alert system is tested on scheduled and announced occasions. During a test one or more messages are transmitted to every member of the system using every contact point (phone, e-mail, SMS, etc.) that the individual has authorized for FDU Alert.

  • The FDU Alert test message(s) will be prominently marked as tests, and real FDU Alert messages will never include the word test.
  • If you have taken no action whatsoever regarding the FDU Alert system, you are very likely to receive the FDU Alert system test message, because your home phone number and FDU Webmail address are in the FDU Alert system by default.

Before a test

Please note that changes made to your FDU Alert information (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, choices about notification options) in the last three hours before a test are not in effect during a test. Such changes are applied soon after the test and do not need to be re-entered.

You may wish to provide advance notice to other individuals (parent, significant other) whose contact information you have provided in the FDU Alert system, or who share your home phone number.

After a test

If the date and time of the FDU Alert test passes and you do not receive any notification, or if you receive notification only via some of your expected contact points and not all, you should review your FDU Alert status by following the instructions at http://view2.fdu.edu/inside-fdu-edu/fdu-alert-and-smart-communications/fdu-alert-your-status/. If your notifications during the test do not match the information you had in place, please use your FDU e-mail account to send an email message to alert@fdu.edu .

This page has information about actions you may wish to take after any periodic test of the FDU Alert system.