FDU Alert Screen on Webadvisor

As shown below, the FDU Alert Registration Form at http://webadvisor.fdu.edu/ allows you to provide five types of information for the system.

A - basic contact points: work phone, cell phone, and SMS (short messaging service, typically known as text messaging). All of these are optional.

B - contact points for someone else you want notified of FDU emergencies (e.g. parent, spouse, significant other). All of these are optional.

C - additional email addresses to which notification should be sent (e.g. addresses you use at yahoo or gmail). All of these are optional.

D - checkboxes for two options regarding FDU Alert notifications: (1) Decline non-emergency notifications. Currently, the FDU Alert system is used ONLY for emergency messages. If in future certain non-emergency messages are provided (e.g. rescheduling of important campus events) this checkbox permits you to decline to receive those notifications. (2) Receive notifications for both campuses. By default you receive only the emergency notifications that apply to your home campus. This checkbox allows you to request notification for emergencies at the other New Jersey campus as well.

E - checkboxes to decline notification via default contact points. Your FDU email address and home phone are part of FDU records and may not be changed within the FDU Alert system. These checkboxes allow you to turn off FDU Alerts on either or both of these contact points. Each of the two contact points will be used if available during an FDU Alert, unless you check its respective box.

FDU Alert Form FULL