Two Worlds

Two Worlds is an innovative undergraduate degree program offered by Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey in conjunction with partner universities around the world. The program is designed for students with a passion for international travel and adventure, as well as for those wishing to connect or reconnect with a particular ethnic heritage.

FDU offers a unique bachelor's degree program for promising high school graduates who are interested in international studies and travel, and especially those from minority backgrounds and other underrepresented segments of the population. Participating students will spend two or three years at FDU and one or two years at an international partner university in the Austria, Belize, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Spain, China, Ireland, Thailand, Germany, France, Korea, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Malaysia, or Puerto Rico. Typically, students will take classes in New Jersey during the first and fourth year of enrollment and will travel to the international partner during the second. Depending upon their choice of major, specialization, and destination, students may study either in New Jersey or with the international partner during their third year.

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Program Features and Benefits

  • Connect with your heritage or immerse yourself in a new culture for which you have an affinity.
  • Build the confidence you need to live and work in another country.
  • Master intercultural skills and global perspectives valued by employers everywhere.
  • Live with local families, in student dorms, or on your own, learning to be at home in another culture.
  • Acquire or improve language skills in both academic and social settings.
  • Receive personalized support from experienced international education advisors.
  • Qualify for state and federal financial aid while at FDU and while studying internationally.
  • Receive a scholarship from FDU equal to half the regular cost of tuition.
  • Major in Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies with a choice of specializations
  • Study for one or two years internationally and two or three years on the Metropolitan Campus of FDU, which is conveniently located about 10 miles from New York City.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission, students must submit a completed Application for Undergraduate Admission form, SAT or ACT scores and an official copy of their high school transcript. FDU recommends that a student complete a minimum of 16 academic (college preparatory) units in high school.

Travel Requirements

A minimum grade point ratio of 2.75 must be maintained in order to travel abroad. Additionally, some partner universities require visiting students to demonstrate fluency in the local language of instruction or require at least one year of appropriate language study prior to attendance. An adviser will help students understand the specific language requirements for each partner before they choose a destination.

Academic Majors and Specializations

Participants in the Two Worlds program enroll in the Bachelor of Arts in individualized studies which offers a highly customizable curriculum with choice of specialization in applied technology, business, communication, liberal arts, public service administration or hospitality management. This major is required for Two Worlds program participants due to the curricular flexibility, but may not be suitable for all students. Students are advised to discuss their interests and options with an admissions adviser. Students can still study abroad at FDU even if they are not part of the Two Worlds program, but only the Two Worlds program offers a truly immmersive opportunity. This is a four-year program, and students are required to maintain full-time status.


Please note that some destinations limit the number of students they will accept each year. We will always try to place students in their first choice but on rare occasions this may not be possible. Don't see your preferred country on the list? We will work with you to identify an appropriate program almost anywhere in the world.


Located midway between Vienna and Salzburg (about an hour from each by train), the campuses of University of Applied Sciences — Upper Austria specialize in science, technology, media, communications and business disciplines. German is the language of instruction but numerous courses are offered in English.


Nearby the pristine beaches and lush rainforests of Belize, Galen University offers innovative educational programs at the undergraduate, graduate and professional level in business, arts, sciences and education. Students enjoy learning at the tropical campus among a dynamic mix of global students and faculty. The entire curriculum of Galen University is offered in English.


Experience a unique study-abroad adventure at the Chengdu American Center. Located on the beautiful downtown campus of Sichuan University, the center is jointly administered by a consortium of partner institutions. Chengdu is famous for its world-class cuisine, leisurely teahouses and historic temples. The quality of life in the area rivals the day-to-day living in better-known cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. Plus it's the "hometown" of China's legendary giant panda! There is no Chinese language requirement.


Universidad Latinomericana de Ciencias y Tecnologia, or ULACIT for short, is a private, prestigious nonprofit institution located in downtown San Jose. The Global Education Office at ULACIT offers a wide range of Spanish-language courses and electives in various disciplines with concentrations in Latin-American business, literature, and environmental sciences. Relatively few courses are taught in English for non-Spanish speakers. At least two years of Spanish are required.


Known as "the golden city" and "the city of a hundred spires," Prague is without question one of the most beautiful and welcoming cities in the world. The University of Finance and Administration, or VSFS for short, is a private business school in the Czech Republic, offering courses mainly in management, marketing, and communication, but also quite a few liberal arts courses taught in English. VSFS also offers Czech language courses for native English speakers.


The Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, commonly referred to as PUCMM, was founded in 1962 in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros. It is a prestigious nonprofit service-oriented institution committed to academic excellence. PUCMM is recommended only for students who are already fluent speakers of Spanish, as offerings in English are quite limited.


Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil (UCSG), is a private, Catholic, highereducation center in Ecuador's largest metropolis. UCSG is a comprehensive university with programs in engineering, law, communication sciences, economics, architecture, the arts and humanities. All courses are taught in Spanish.


The IESEG School of Management, with campuses in Paris and Lille, provides a world-class business curriculum with a generous smattering of courses in the arts, humanities, and social sciences— all taught in English.


Students studying at Caucasus University will fall in love with the city of Tblisi, capital of the Republic of Georgia. Most courses are taught in Georgian, but there are enough English-language offerings to put together an academically solid year. But it's the city that you'll remember forever: cobblestone streets, sidewalk cafes, music, moonlight and laughter. And did we mention the food? You haven't lived until you've tried kachapuri, which is enough like pizza to be familiar but also enough unlike pizza to amaze!

GERMANY is a top-ranked, private research university. Located on Lake Constance, in the foothills of the Alps, near Germany's Swiss and Austrian borders, Zeppelin is an ideal destination for students seeking an immersive European experience. German language and culture courses are available for non-German speakers, as are a variety of courses in fields such as international business and politics.


As its name suggests, American College Dublin is an American college in Dublin. Located in a series of historic townhouses on Merrion Square, in easy walking distance of the Temple Bar and Trinity College districts of The Fair City, American College Dublin is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the same organization that accredits FDU. The college mostly offers liberal arts courses, but students may also choose international business courses.


Kyung Hee University, located in the heart of Seoul, is one of Fairleigh Dickinson University's oldest (since 1965) international partners. Kyung Hee offers courses in English in almost every discipline. Located in the beautiful seaside city of Masan, Kyungnam University is one of FDU's oldest and most valued partners. Visiting students who are not already fluent in Korean may study Korean language and culture in a friendly and supportive environment. Founded at the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty in 1398, Sungkyunkwan University, also known as SKKU, is one of the world's oldest universities. The SKKU campus for humanities and social science is nestled in one of Seoul's most desirable neighborhoods, and is linked by public transportation to all of metropolitan Seoul. Also in Seoul, Sookmyung Women's University, one of the first royally chartered universities in Korea, offers more than 100 courses in English each year and welcomes both male and female students from overseas.


Located in the sprawling, cosmopolitan metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, or "KL" as it is known locally, UCSI literally has the world at its fingertips. Although the language of instruction at UCSI is English, students may also study Malay, Chinese or other locally used languages. As a predominantly Muslim country, the dietary laws of Halal are widely followed, while all campus housing is single gender.


Boasting three campuses in Baja California, Mexico, CETYS Universidad is one of the only universities in Mexico with full accreditation from the United States. Accessible via the San Diego International Airport, the Ensenada Campus sits atop a hill with breathtaking views of the Pacific Coast. As the "international campus" of CETYS, Ensenada offers courses in both English and Spanish.


Looking to add an international dimension to your study of business or hospitality? Consider a year of study at Tio University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is famed for its liberal social policies, maritime-trading traditions, robust multiculturalism, leading technological communications and legendary nightlife. The Tio campus is centrally located but relatively small in size, providing opportunities for students to get to know one another and their professors.


Although Puerto Rico is legally a territory of the United States, students visiting Universidad del Turabo will still have an immersive intercultural experience. Located approximately 30 minutes from the capital city of San Juan, Universidad del Turabo boasts a wide variety of courses taught in English, as well as a full range of academic fields taught in Spanish. Spanish-language instruction is available at all levels.


Universidad Alfonso el Sabio X, a private institution, is located in northeast Madrid, in Villanueva de la Cañada approximately 15 miles from the center of the capital. Its campus includes green space, sports facilities, residence halls, laboratories and multimedia classrooms. The university offers Spanish language and culture courses and a few select courses in English for visiting students who are not already fluent in Spanish.


Bangkok University has a unique historical relationship with Fairleigh Dickinson University. In fact, FDU faculty were involved with the founding of the institution in 1962 and continued to provide advice and support for many years to follow. Its main campus, where most international students study, is in the central business district of Bangkok. Although the main language of instruction is Thai, the international program offers courses in business, marketing, entrepreneurship, communication, computer graphics and multimedia and hospitality and tourism.

Program History

Launched by Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) in 2007, the Two Worlds (Dos Mundos) program was established to satisfy the desire of many first-, second-, and even third-generation Americans to connect or reconnect meaningfully with their ethnic heritage. As originally conceived, the Two Worlds program offered American students of Hispanic origin opportunities to study for one or two full years (usually the sophomore and/or junior years) with an international partner in the Spanish-speaking world, while completing an undergraduate degree program at FDU. Since the program's inception, Two Worlds has been expanded to include partners in many other parts of the world. Program participants are encouraged to explore any country for which they have an affinity, whether or not they have a family connection.