Global Education Programs

As part of its commitment to educating students "of and for the world," the university has established partnerships with other academic institutions around the globe to bring their students to FDU and simultaneously provide places for FDU students to go. In these partnerships, both parties agree to encourage activities to promote international academic co-operation:

  • Exchange of materials in education and research, e.g. publications
  • Exchange of faculty, research scholars, and students
  • Establishment of programs for each other's students
  • Joint research and meetings for education and research

Typical programs that have been developed include many undergraduate programs in which students can spend three years at their home institution and then come to FDU for one year to complete an undergraduate degree. These "3 Plus 1" programs permit students to earn an FDU degree by earning 25% of their required credits and 50% of their major credits at FDU. At the graduate level, cooperation in MBA programs has European and Indian faculty teaching at FDU and our faculty teaching in places such as India and Monaco. Students, also, move among these sites to complete their studies.

Current partners

Global partnership spreadsheet

Use our spreadsheet to sort global programs by university, country, or program. Just select the down-arrow at the top of any column.

Terms used in the spreadsheet

  • Dual: Dual degree programs allow students to earn two degress with a significant savings of time and tuition. Students enrolled in a dual degree program can earn a bachelor's or master's degree from a foreign partner university as well as a bachelor's or master's degree from FDU. Dual degree programs typically require a residency period at each university.
  • U.S.: The American Languauge and Culture program at FDU permits students from partner universities around the world to enjoy a short-term learning and living experience in the U.S., which includes English language instruction and visits to recognized cultural and historical sites in the New York City metro area and beyond.
  • Global: The Global Opportunities program is a unique dual degree program for students enrolled at foreign partner universities. In addition to completing a bachelor's degree at their home institution, students participating in the Global Opportunities program complete a second bachelor's degree and a specialization of their choice at FDU. The residency requirement for the bachelor's degree at FDU is typically just two to three semesters at one or more FDU campuses in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Exch: Faculty and student exchange agreements permit faculty and students at foreign partner universities to exchange places with faculty and students at FDU. Faculty and student exchanges are typically for one semester and provide opportunities for teaching or study abroad, internships, cultural experiences, research, and scholarly pursuits.
  • MoU: Memorandum of Understanding represents a commitment on the part of partner universities to promote the exchange of knowledge and resources on an informal basis, including the exchange of faculty, students, library resources, and other resources that are unique to specific universities or regions of the world.

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