American Language and Culture

Each year during the month of July, Fairleigh Dickinson University offers a three week program in American Language and Culture.

English as a Second Language

The language component of the program consists of 45 hours of English as a Second Language for international college students. Three different levels are taught. To minimize the cost of the program, FDU does not award academic credit for this ESL program. Of course, if a student's home institution wishes to award credit for the hours it can do so.

NYC Culture

The second component of the program consists of exploring the rich, cultural environment of New York City. Typically, students will be taken to the theater and concerts, world-class art museums, the American Museum of Natural History, the Bronx Botanical and Zoological Gardens. In addition, they will visit different ethnic neighborhoods and sample their cuisines. Other activities may include visits to the United Nations and the New York Stock Exchange. If the academic areas of the students are appropriate, natural habitats such as beaches, lakes, and mountains, as well as sites of environmental interest may be included.

Cost and Information

The cost of the program, if the student gets no FDU academic credit, is about $US 3000-3500 for room and board, instruction, and touristic component. Price varies with the touristic program and course length.

If a single school sends a cohort of 15 or more students, the length of the course and dates can be adjusted to address specific needs.

For information, contact Ms. Diana Cvitan,, 201-692-7362