Parking on Campus

13.1       PARKING (see Section 13.2 for lot locations)

13.1.1    RESIDENT STUDENTS - Color Code:  RED

              A. Lot #3

              B. Lot #6

13.1.2    COMMUTER STUDENTS - Color Code:  WHITE

              A. Lot #1

              B. Lot #2 and #8

              C. Some sections of Lot #5

              D. Lot #7 (5PM-7AM)

13.1.3    FACULTY/STAFF - Color Code:  GREEN

              A. Mansion - Lot #11

              B. Science Complex - Lot #9 & #10

              C. DREYFUSS - Lot #4

              D. BARN - Lot #5

              E. Library - Lot #12

13.1.4    VISITORS - Color Code:  WHITE - Must be a registered visitor.


13.2.1    Lot #1 is located inside the Park Avenue North Gate at the foot of the hill below the Science Building.

13.2.2    Lot #2 extends along the fence bordering the campus on the north side and is directly across the  main roadway from the Recreation, Science and Dreyfuss Buildings.

13.2.3    Lot #3 is located on the Park Avenue side of the campus adjacent to the dormitories. Its entrance is located at the juncture of Dreyfuss Road and Twombly Road.

13.2.4    Lot #3 has special parking for the residents of the Village residence halls. The overflow from Lot #6 will be allowed to utilize these spaces.

13.2.5    Lot #4 is located on Dreyfuss Road west of the Dreyfuss Building near the Athletic Field.

13.2.6    Lot #5 is located in the rear of the Barn.

13.2.7    Lot #6 is located near Rutherford Hall/Danforth entrance designated for residents of Rutherford Hall.

13.2.8    Lot #7 is located opposite Lot #6 and designated for staff, registered visitors and commuters after 5:00 PM until 7:00 AM.


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