Crime Prevention

Personal Safety Tips:

  • Don't walk alone during late night hours. Walk in groups whenever possible; there is safety in numbers.
  • Let a friend or family member know where you will be going and when you should be arriving.
  • Stay in well-lighted areas. Avoid alleys, wooded areas, shortcuts, secluded areas, etc.
  • Don't turn your iPod (or mp3 player) volume up so loud that you can't hear other noises around you.
  • Become familiar with the areas where you live, work and go to school. Know where to go if you are in need of help (Public Safety, Police Department, Fire Houses, Hospitals, etc.).
  • Carry your backpack or purse close to your body. Make sure that you keep your purse or backpack closed.
  • If you feel you are being followed, switch the direction you are walking, or cross the street. If the person is still there, head quickly to a safe place such as an open store or restaurant. Don't be afraid to yell for help.
  • Always have your house/apartment/dorm key in your hands before you reach your door.
  • If someone attempts to rob you, do not fight or argue with them. You could wind up seriously injured or killed. Report the crime to the police and try to give an accurate description of the attacker. WHATEVER THEY ARE ATTEMPTING TO TAKE FROM YOU IS NOT WORTH YOUR LIFE!
  • Never walk away from an ATM with cash in your hand. Secure the money in your purse or wallet before leaving the ATM. If you are going to count your money, do so in a safe and secure spot.
  • Always lock your doors to your house/apartment/dorm room. Even if you are "just running down the hall," it doesn't take much time for someone to enter your home and steal your belongings.

Automobile Safety Tips:

  • Avoid parking in dark, isolated areas.
  • Always lock your doors.
  • Do not leave valuables (iPods, mp3 players, GPS navigation systems) or loose money lying visible in your vehicle.
  • Have you car keys in your hand before you reach your car.
  • After you check around your car, enter quickly and lock all of your doors.
  • If you car is bumped in traffic, don't get out of the car. Use your cell phone to call 911. Sometimes carjackers use this technique so they can overpower you when you exit your vehicle and steal your car.
  • Even if you are just running inside for a minute, make sure you always roll up all windows, turn the car off, lock the doors and take the keys with you.