John Schiemann on CIA Torture

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s release of the summary of its report on the CIA detention and interrogation program will be important to many Americans. The report alleges that the CIA program was more brutal than previously claimed yet generated little if any useful information.

schiemannA 2011 survey by PublicMind found that most Americans only supported harsh interrogations if they are effective. Nearly two-thirds who thought the methods were effective and justified would withdraw their support if they thought the methods were not effective.

“The Senate Intelligence Committee’s summary speaks directly to this group of Americans and it will be interesting to see how they respond,” said John Schiemann, Associate Professor of Political Science and author of “Interrogational Torture: Or How Good Guys Get Bad Information with Ugly Methods,” appearing in the March 2012 issue of "Political Research Quarterly."

Schiemann discusses the torture report with the media:

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