FDU alumna Colette Malyack works at UPS as a data scientist

Interview by Sarah Cole

Colette MalyackUsing data to deliver your packages on time, alumna Colette Malyack, BS’16, MS’16 (Metro), works at UPS as a data scientist. Malyack discusses her education and career path.

FDU: How did you become interested in the field of data science?

Colette Malyack: I became interested in machine learning and what it can do, like the concept of the computer being able to use large amounts of data to make an assumption about the future. I find it intriguing when we can use machines to advance ourselves. I also enjoy applying both of my degrees in math and computer science at the same time.

FDU: How do you use data science to make an impact at UPS?

CM: I use data to create a model to predict how many packages are going to come into a building. My job helps us understand what information about packages should be released so that those receiving the packages will have more up to date and reliable information. We also help with holiday staffing and preparation which allows us to get packages out on time.

FDU: What do people often misunderstand about the role of data science?

CM: Many people confuse data science and data analysis. Data science is different from data analysis because data science involves more data manipulation. Instead of just analyzing the data to view trends and create models, more advanced statistics are used to create solutions.

FDU: How did your education at Fairleigh Dickinson University prepare you for this career?

CM: It prepared me a very well. All the math courses I took apply. In data science, everything has to be mathematically correct. Everything we do with a computer requires coding, so my masters in computer science is a very useful for me in this field. I received a lot of support at Fairleigh and here at UPS, and I appreciate it all.