Vancouver SGA president attends FDU presidential inauguration

Editor’s note: Vancouver Campus student Nuttanit “NK” Boonprasert, a junior business administration major, attended the presidential inauguration and was part of the platform party during the ceremony. She shares her insights from the big day:

on the Florham Campus Vancouver junior and SGA President Nuttanit Boonprasert with Vancouver Campus Provost Cecil Abrahams on the Florham Campus

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a very unique celebration. As the president of the Student Government Association (SGA) at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Vancouver Campus, I was invited to a historic event — the inauguration of FDU’s 8th President Christopher Capuano as the University celebrates its 75th anniversary. My visit also allowed all three SGA presidents from the three campuses to meet and exchange ideas. I was able to connect personally with the SGA presidents from the Florham and Metropolitan campuses and learn how each president operates their student association successfully.

On September 26, I boarded the plane in Vancouver that took me on my special adventure to New Jersey. The next day was the day I had been long waiting for, the inauguration! Jas Verem, the Dean of Students on the Florham Campus, picked me up from my hotel for the event. Jas is full of positive energy.

Upon arriving on campus, I saw the distinctive English-baroque style mansion in the heart of a vast field surrounded by many trees, giving me a sense of the long history of the area. Later on, Miles Britt, a Florham junior and SGA secretary and speaker of the house, told me that the estate was built for the early 20th-century socialites Florence Vanderbilt and Hamilton Twombly. It’s the 7th largest house in the United States, and FDU acquired the estate in 1957. I walked past many classrooms inside of the mansion. Outside, I was impressed by the beauty of the fountains and grounds.

In the afternoon, I met with President Christopher Capuano to congratulate him on his presidency. My first impression of him is he has a charismatic smile and warm personality.

at the inauguration ceremony Akshay Patel, Metropolitan Campus Student Government Association president; Christopher Capuano, University president; Nuttanit Boonprasert, Vancouver Campus Student Government Association president; and Greih Wilson-McClain, BA’17, who sang the national anthem, at the inauguration. (Photo by Michael Paras)

I felt honored to sit on the stage during the ceremony with Florham Campus SGA President Sean Mehr, and Metropolitan Campus SGA President Akshay Patel.

Listening to President Capuano’s speech, I was touched by his strong vision and his promised commitment to brighten the University’s future. His main focus is on student success and the growth of the University. The message I liked the most from President Capuano’s speech was, “The thing that you should be thankful for is your best effort. It is not all about what you have achieved; rather, what matters most is how hard you have put your efforts onto it. It is the thing that you should be most be proud of.” His words have inspired me to strive for the better and to not feel hurt if I don’t achieve certain goals, because what matters most is putting forward my full effort.

After the ceremony, I felt very fortunate and grateful to have him as the leader of our University, leading us into the next chapter of our higher education experience. Following the inauguration, we enjoyed dinner, where all three SGA presidents delivered a framed proclamation as a gift from the SGA and the student body, wishing him success in his new position.

Nuttanit Boonprasert visits Times SquareNuttanit Boonprasert explores Times Square in New York City. (Photo courtesy of Boonprasert)
After the dinner, I met up with alumna Christi Peace, BA’16 (Flor), who studied abroad at the Vancouver Campus. We went to Times Square. New York has always been my dream city — I first visited there five years ago. Years later, it still keeps its place as my favorite city to visit!

On this trip, I experienced many unforgettable moments and I believe that they will all shape me as a person. This event confirmed my belief that in a world without borders, education is the best investment that anyone can ever make. Pursuing an education transforms a person physically, mentally and spiritually. I would say that two of the biggest things I gained from this trip are the real friendships that students give to students and the true commitment that the University gives to all of us.

Thank you to the three wonderful people who have put in great effort and dedication to make this trip successfully happen  Cecil Abrahams, Vancouver Campus provost; Jas Verem, Florham dean of students; and Jobin Mojtabavi, director of student services at Vancouver.