Grade A: FDU Poll scores top marks

The Fairleigh Dickinson University Poll has received an “A” rating from ESPN’s prestigious FiveThirtyEight blog. The poll outperformed other prominent outfits in an extensive evaluation, including Quinnipiac University, CNN, Gallup and CBS News/The New York Times.

FiveThirtyEight updated its running list of pollster ratings for the first time following the 2016 election, giving letter grades (A-F) based on the accuracy and methodology. The rankings take into consideration elections since 1998 and presidential primaries and general elections since 2000. The blog reviewed a total of 396 polls.

FDU came in at 15th place with an “A” grade, finishing far ahead of many other university-based pollsters, Stockton University (B+, 54th) and Rutgers University (B-, 152nd), as well as three Ivy League schools: Dartmouth College B-, 131st), Harvard University (C+, 298th), and Brown University (C-, 375th).

“We’ll always be about transparency and the use of best practices in survey research, regardless of ratings,” says poll director Krista Jenkins. The public should expect nothing less from those who purport to provide snapshots of attitudes and behaviors that can be consequential to policymakers.”

See the full FiveThirtyEight ratings.

Run by data journalist Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight provides and analyzes statistical coverage on a variety of topics in current politics and political news. The FDU Poll is an independent research group that conducts polls and surveys, and other research on politics, society, popular culture, consumer and economic trends.