He’s reporting for duty and patrolling the streets

Detective Sergeant Williams

Detective Sergeant First Class Gregory Williams, BA’17, works day and night with the New Jersey State Police to protect residents. The father, United States Navy veteran, and Fairleigh Dickinson University graduate, has accomplished much, both personally and professionally.

“It’s been a journey,” says Williams with a laugh. “I started college in 1994 and kind of fell off because life happened. I always wanted to finish my degree; it definitely was a personal goal. My career was taking off, I got the Dad-thing going, and before you knew it, years had passed.”

In 2012, Williams transferred his previous college coursework, military and professional training credits to FDU, enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies program. With 90 credits complete, he only needed 30 more to reach his goal and earn his undergraduate degree.

“The program was fantastic especially for those of us who work full-time and have a family,” adds Williams. “I took classes online as well as in the classroom. The program was convenient and I was able to adjust my schedule to make it work.”

After five years and with incredible determination, Williams earned his degree, with concentrations in criminal justice and safety studies from FDU in 2017. He had the consistent encouragement of his family, friends and coworkers to go above and beyond to achieve his goals.

“While I was attending FDU, my youngest daughter was also attending college,” Williams says. “The funny part is that she graduated in 2016 and I graduated in 2017. My older daughter is really doing well with her makeup and hairstylist business. I am so proud of them and they are proud of me.”

Williams is a past president of the New Jersey Association of School Resource Officers, a nonprofit, membership-based network of law enforcement officers, school administrators and school security professionals who share the goal of creating safe learning environments for children. He also served as a coordinator for the New Jersey Crisis Intervention Team. Williams is presently a law enforcement liaison who volunteers his time to the National Stop the Violence Alliance. Most recently, he completed his term as advisory board member for the New Jersey Child Assault Prevention Association.

“As retirement approaches for me, [State Police officers must retire by 55 years old], I am considering the Masters of Administration Program at FDU,” he says. ” I am newly engaged, my girls are grown up and I always have this ambition to take things a step further.”