Graduating senior makes a career in politics

By Sarah Cole

May 13, 2018 — Ore Obiwumi will walk the commencement stage Tuesday, May 15, graduating summa cum laude. The communication and political science student is the political director of the Morris County Democratic Committee, where she represents several candidates. Obiwumi has been inducted to the Political Science Honors Society and recently won two awards for her articles “Get Out is a great commentary on race,” “The myth of the immigrant criminal,” and “Was Donald Trump inspired by Billy Flynn from ‘Chicago’?”

Ore Obiwumi

FDU: How has FDU impacted your life?

OO: Attending FDU has helped me to grow up a lot. I’ve become much more independent during my time here, and learned to make the best out of less-than-ideal situations.

FDU: Were there any interesting projects you’ve completed?

OO: I decided to do an independent study on turnout in local elections in three Northern New Jersey counties. We studied elections in years when there were no national-level elections and considered what leads to better or worse turnout. There was a lot of quantitative analysis, just crunching the numbers on turnout, population, affluence, and the closeness of elections, along with two case studies. We found that a major determinant in turnout is the size of a town. The larger the town, the lower the turnout in off-year elections. We’ll be looking at getting it published once it’s finished.

FDU: What is one piece of advice you’d give incoming students?

OO: Although something might not be exactly what you dreamed or hoped for, there is always something to be learned from any situation. Anything you experience can help make you a stronger, brighter and better person if you just change your perspective.

Ore Obiwumi

FDU: What’s next for you?

OO: Currently, I work as the political director for the Morris County Democratic Committee, and I will stay at that job immediately after graduation. I’ll be representing several candidates from throughout the county, but for the most part my job is mainly behind-the-scenes. I like this job a lot because no two days are ever the same. I could start the day doing one thing and end the day doing something completely different. I plan to continue my career in politics because I believe that is how I can leave an impact on the world.