FDU marches in New York City Veterans Day parade


Photos by Bill Kennedy

A contingent of FDU veterans and community members joined others in saluting America’s veterans by walking down Fifth Avenue in America’s Parade, the annual Veterans Day parade in New York City. FDU representatives have marched in the parade for several years.

“Veterans Day is a mixture of remembrance, pride and jubilation,” says Jeffrey Dunn, assistant director of veteran student services. “As a vet, it is a day we remember what we have done, those we have served with, those who have come before us, those who we may have lost and celebrate them and our service.

“There are very few better places to celebrate than on Fifth Avenue in New York City and participating in America’s largest Veterans Day parade. It seems like the whole city comes out to thank veterans for their service,” he adds. “The day is really part memorial, reunion and celebration, all rolled into one good time.”

On the Metropolitan and Florham Campuses, flag ceremonies were held in honor of Veterans Day.

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