School of Education professor gives plenary talk in Colombia


Bryan Meadows giving a plenary speech at conference in Colombia. (Photos courtesy of ASOCOPI)

By Kaidi Ilves

Bryan Meadows, an associate professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s School of Education, just returned from an education conference in Colombia where he was a plenary speaker, a special status reserved for only a few invited scholars at academic conferences. Plenary sessions are scheduled so that all conference attendees may attend, and they typically draw large audiences.

The Colombian Association of Teachers of English, also known as ASOCOPI, Asociación Colombiana de Profesores de Inglés, which is a national affiliate of the international association for English language teachers, recently held its 50th annual conference. The conference took place from October 8-10 in Medellín, Colombia, and featured a number of distinguished speakers and experts in the field.

Meadows gave a plenary talk titled “Fifty years of culture teaching in ELT (English Language Teaching): A survey of the literature.” Meadows also participated in a panel discussion that was open for questions from the audience.


Meadows (second from left) participating in panel discussion.

“I made a lot of meaningful connections with international colleagues in fulfillment of the University’s global mission,” said Meadows. He continued, “This professional networking also set the stage for future collaborative exchanges between FDU students and students attending universities in Colombia.”

The ASOCOPI conference attracted more than 600 registrants and brought together scholars, classroom teachers and graduate students from all over Colombia. ASOCOPI also publishes a peer-reviewed academic journal, “HOW” — a Colombian journal for teachers of English.