Wroxton alum writes children’s book inspired by Wroxton experience

By Dan Landau
“My semester at Wroxton in the fall of 1980 remains one of the highlights of my life,” says Keith Hayes, BA’81 (Metro). More than just a collection of fond collegiate memories, Hayes has translated his adventures at Wroxton College into a children’s book entitled “In Mr. Handsome’s Garden.” 
In Mr. Handsome's Garden book coverA collection of stories specially written to be read aloud to children, “In Mr. Handsome’s Garden,” is about “living one’s dreams and being one’s best,” says Hayes.
“Many of the stories in the book are about foreign places Mr. Handsome has seen or wondered about,” explains Hayes. “One of these places is the London tube station ‘Elephant & Castle,’ which I visited during my Wroxton experience because the name of the station intrigued me.
“Wroxton inspired my appreciation of the wonders of the world (large and small) and I’ve tried to capture that sense of wonder in the book,” continues Hayes.
Hayes used Kickstarter to raise the more than $5,500 needed to self publish “In Mr. Handsome’s Garden” and released it this past July.  
After attending Wroxton, Hayes graduated from the Metropolitan Campus in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in English and began a career in public relations. Looking to the future, Hayes is already at work on a second book, a collection of adult short fiction.
Read some of Hayes’ stories from “In Mr. Handsome’s Garden” here.
Wroxton College, class of fall 1980
Above: Hayes (third from the left in the middle row) smiles with the Wroxton College class of fall 1980.