Vancouver student seeks everyday beauty through camera lens

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Above and below, a sample of Ajung “Ribbon” Kim's photography — her digital and print exhibition featured images from India, Guatemala, El Salvador and the Philippines. (Photos courtesy of Kim)
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Below, students, alumni and guests view Kim's photographs at the exhibition and reception at the Vancouver Campus. (Photos by David Theduy Nguyen)
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By Kenna Caprio

Ajung “Ribbon” Kim has been busy looking at the world through her camera lens.

The Fairleigh Dickinson University Vancouver Campus student — originally of Ulsan, South Korea — once lived in a Buddhist temple and worked for various nonprofits, before starting college. She’s also traveled the world. In her own words Kim describes how her global adventures led to her first art show, “The Path to the Truth” featuring digital and print photographs, which ran for one day only at the Vancouver Campus on Thursday, Sept. 18:

“Since high school, I’ve been so curious about the world, human beings and the fundamental questions of life. After my stay at the temple and working for nonprofits, I realized that what we really should do as humans is love others, explore and do something valuable for humanity.

I choose art, especially photography, to get this message out and reach more people.

The photo event was planned to introduce and share some of my personal experiences and philosophies that I gained through my life adventures. I wanted to show the hidden and ignored faces of our planet that I encountered in Asia and Central America.

Most of the photos displayed for the event were taken during trips to India in 2008 and 2010, Guatemala and El Salvador in 2013 and the Philippines in 2014.

I also did a presentation on what our generation should focus on to make the world a better and more peaceful place.

The event was successful because my great friends and faculty help me out a lot. The guests were interested in my works and listening to my words. They opened their minds and hearts.

I am really glad that I could make this happen and look forward to doing another event someday, somewhere.

The greatest thing is I have been hearing positive feedback from the visitors. They were inspired and want to do something for the good of society.”

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