Turning Point Alumni Videos

In this compelling series of short videos, prominent FDU alumni discuss their careers and their "turning points" -- moments that inspired them to reach great heights.

Turning Point Bayoh FULLAdenah Bayoh
Urban Developer
Entrepreneur and Restaurateur
Turning Point Glaab FULLSherri Glaab
School Principal
Bloomingdale, N.J.
Turning Point Blackmon FULLBrenda Blackmon
Evening Anchor
WPIX Television (Channel 11)
Turning Point Greenburg FULLSeth Greenberg
ESPN College Basketball Analyst
Former Virginia Tech Head Coach
Turning Point - Stephen BozerStephen Bozer
Senior Director of Sales and Marketing
Teva API Inc.
Turning Point Hayes FULLKen Hayes 
Underwater Explorer
Founder, Aqua Survey, Inc.
Turning Point Brody FULLReed Brody
Counsel and Spokesperson
Human Rights Watch
Turning Point Johnson FULLChris Johnson 
Chief Executive Officer
Hollister Construction Services
Turning Point Brooks FULLMilicent Brooks
Director of Communications
Novartis Consumer Health
Turning Point Meyer FULLMark Meyer 
International Corporate Attorney
Herzfeld and Rubin, P.C.
Turning Point Chalom FULLMarc Chalom 
Television Producer
Creator, A&E "Biography"
Turning Point Rauschi FULLMary Alice Rauschi 
Business Funding, LLC
  Turning Point Young FULLVeronica Young 
Director of Treasury
Hearst Corporation



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