Faculty Focus

Fairleigh Dickinson University faculty have achieved acclaim and prominence in a wide variety of subjects. From the topical to the philosophical, their activities and scholarship have influenced many fields and inspired countless students.

Faculty Focus shines the spotlight on some FDU professors and their interests, bringing you their passion, their pursuits and their point of view. These videos, covering a broad range of disciplines, highlight a small sample of the world-class faculty at Fairleigh Dickinson.



Video Thumbnail Alonso FULLJames Almeida
on Entrepreneurs in Society

Video Thumbnail Langford FULLDavid Langford
on Sports in American Life

Video Thumbnail Alonso FULLFernando Alonso
on Latino Immigration and the American Dream

Video Thumbnail Laubsch FULLPaulette Laubsch
on the Essence of Leadership

Video Thumbnail Avaltroni FULLMichael Avaltroni
on the Changing Role of the Pharmacist

Video Thumbnail Libov FULLHoward Libov
on Filmmaking in the Digital Age

Video Thumbnail Behson FULLScott Behson
on Balancing Work and Family

Video Thumbnail Loeb FULLKatharine Loeb
on Eating Disorders and Obesity

Video Thumbnail Dick FULLBernard Dick
on the History of Hollywood Censorship

Video Thumbnail Munoz FULLCaroline Lego Munoz
on Social Media and Marketing

Video Thumbnail Ghosh FULLNandita Ghosh
on Imperialism and Literature

Video Thumbnail Ojo FULLBamidele Ojo
on Pre- and Post-Colonial Africa

Video Thumbnail Guttman FULLMinerva Guttman
on Nursing Today

Video Thumbnail Roberts FULLMarie Roberts
on Her Sideshow Banners at Coney Island

Video Thumbnail Harmon FULLJoel Harmon
on Sustainability

Video Thumbnail Rosen FULLDavid Rosen
on Child Soldiers

Video Thumbnail Hawkins-Rodgers FULLYolanda Hawkins-Rodgers
on Bullying and Aggression

Video Thumbnail Schuber FULLWilliam "Pat" Schuber
on Politics and Homeland Security

Video Thumbnail Jenkins FULLKrista Jenkins
on Youth and Politics

Video Thumbnail Ultan FULLLloyd Ultan
on the Bronx
Video Thumbnail Joshi FULLKhyati Joshi
on Race, Identity and Teaching Religion
Video Thumbnail Wang FULLZhaobo "Bob" Wang
on Misconceptions of China
Video Thumbnail Kenny FULLJames Kenny
on the Process of Violence
Video Thumbnail Zibulsky FULLJamie Zibulsky
on Encouraging Young Readers