Yongming Tang

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Gildart Haase School of Computer Sciences & Engineering

Short Abstract

Yongming Tang earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1999.  He received his BS in Computer Science and MS in Computer Science from Northwest University, Xi’an, China respectively in 1982 and 1987.  He joined Fairleigh Dickinson University in July 1999 as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science. He has been an Associate Professor of Computer Science since July 2006.

His research interests include Component-based Software Engineering, Object-oriented Software Development Methodology, Electronic Commerce, Software Application Development and Practices, MVC Software Architecture, Software Security and Programming Languages. He has published in software engineering, component-based software development, and client/server computing. Dr. Tang teaches courses related to Software Engineering, Java Programming(Java SE & EE), Systems Programming, Client/Sever Computing, and Building e-Commerce Systems.

University College

Gildart Haase School of Computer Sciences & Engineering
1000 River Road, (T-BE2-01)
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Courses Taught
CSCI3251 Design of Software Systems
CSCI4380 Systems Development with Java
CSCI6620 Software Engineering
CSCI6810 Java & the Internet
CSCI7645 Systems Programming
CSCI7727 Development of MIS I
CSCI7795 Building Electronic Commerce Systems