William Roberts

Director, Public Administration Institute

William J. Roberts, Ph.D.
188 N. 7th Street.
Saddle Brook, NJ- 07663
(W) 201 692 7171 / 7177

BA in History and Political Science, FDU, 1967
MA in Early Modern European History, FORDHAM UNIVERSITY, 1969
M. Phil.in Modern European Intellectual History, CUNY, 1987
Ph.D. in Modern European Intellectual History, CUNY, 1988
Thesis: " Mazzini's exiles in France and Britain"
Thesis supervisor: Gertrude Himmelfarb, Ph.D.

LANGUAGES: French, Italian, German.

1970 - Present : Professor of History, FDU
1998 - Present : Director of the Public Administration Institute, FDU.

Undergraduate :
Heritage of the Past I and II; Modern World;
Modern Cultural History;
History of Business.
Graduate :
Modern Western Europe; Modern Western Political Theory;
MPA Project Writing.

* Roberts, W. et al . Controversial Concordats : The Church and the Dictators, ( F. Coppa,ed.) Washington D.C.: C.U.A. Press, 1999 .
* Roberts, W. (contributor) " Mazzini and Lamennais" Encylopedia of the Essay, (T.Chevalier, ed) London : Fitzroy Dearborn, 1997
* Roberts, W. (contributor) IL Mazzinianesimo nel Mondo, Pisa: Istituto Domus Mazziniana, 1995.
* Roberts, W. and Sammartino, P. Sicily : An Informal History, London : Associated University Presses, 1992.
* Roberts, W. (contributor) Encyclopedia of the Vatican and Papacy, ( F. Coppa, ed.) West port, Conn.Greenwood Press, 1999 .
* Coppa, F, and Roberts, W. Modern Italian History: An Annotated Bibliography, Westport,Conn. Greenwood Press, 1991.
* Roberts, W. Prophet in Exile : Joseph Mazzini 1837-1868, New York, Peter Lang, 1989.
* Roberts, W. (contributor) The Dictionary of Modern Italian History , (F.Coppa, ed) Westport, Conn. Greenwood Press, 1983.

Papers presented at such conferences as the Duquesne History Forum, the AHA, ACHA, NYSHA, and the
International Mazzini Conference include:
" Napolean Bonaparte and the Concordat of 1801"
" French Fascism and the French Right"
" Vatican Diplomacy and the First Consulate"
" Lamennais and "L'Avenir'"
" Mazzini and the Revolution of 1848"
" Jean Jaures and French Socialism"
" Doriot's Parti Populaire Francais"

FDU Grant - in - Aid :
1991 "Biography of Mazzini"
2000 "Encyclopedia of Modern France"
National Endowment for the Humanities Grant, 1993 "Studies in History of Zionism"


*Lexington Who's Who :
Biographical candidate 2000/2001

*1999 FDU Distinguished Faculty Award for Service
*1995 "Men of Achievement" listing
*1994 FDU T/H Campus Outstanding Faculty Award
*1993 "Who's Who in the East" listing
*1992 EWC Outstanding Faculty Award.

Short Abstract

Interests, courses taught:
European history; Italian history; Sicily and its significant role in history; British history; intellectual history; history of economic thought; Darwinism; nationalism; socialism and communism; history of ideas; Vatican studies; international relations; Europe

Born in Weehawken, NJ
Son of:
Elizabeth A.Helble

Advocate for animal rights
Member of:
PETA,FOA. ALD., Farm Sanctuary, NJARA, Bergen County Humane Association, Greenpeace, Union of Concerned Scientists.
"All things are born of the unborn, and from this unity of life flows brotherhood and compassion for all creatures."

"A man is truly ethical only when he obeys the compulsion to help all life which he is able to assist, and shrinks from injuring anything that lives."
*Albert Schweitzer

"I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from cruelty of man."
*Mahatma Gandhi

"When a thing exists which you really abhor, I wish you would remember a little whether in letting it alone you are minding your own business on principle, or simply because it is comfortable to do so".
*John Galsworthy