Tristan Collins

Adjunct Professor Tristan Collins received two B.A. degrees from Moravian College in 1994. The first degree was in Finance and the second degree was in political science. He then started a career in the New Jersey State Police where he was trained in issues relating to weapons of mass destruction and terrorism.

The specialized training consisted of a trip to Socorro, New Mexico where he was trained in response to terrorist bombings. Another trip was to a branch of the Bectel Corporation where he was trained in terrorist responses to radiological and nuclear bombings. Other advanced training included a trip to Fort McClellan, Alabama where the E.A.I. corporation gave a course on weapons of mass destruction and how police agencies can provide additional aid in response to a chemical or biological response.

Tristan had gained a lot of technical skills by the end of the 1990s but then advanced his competencies in leadership and administration by enrolling in Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Master of Administrative Science program. He graduated in 2002 and then proceeded to teach graduate level classes in Emergency Management and Current Issues in Counter Terrorism.

Tristan received the honor of being selected for the New Jersey Task Force One’s Urban Search and Rescue Unit and is participating in exercises to strengthen and protect the region.

Short Abstract