Nicole Hansen

Assistant Professor

Peter Sammartino School of Education


Dr. Hansen is interested in children’s mathematics learning and learning disabilities. She investigates the processes and skills that underlie mathematics achievement with an eye toward improving educational practice for students who are struggling in mathematics. Specifically, her work has focused on students’ learning of fractions.


Dr. Hansen teaches in the QUEST Dual Certification program at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Specifically, she has taught EDUC2204 (Survey of Students with Disabilities), EDUC2206 (Foundations of Special Education), and EDUC6797 (Multisensory Mathematics Instruction for Students with Disabilities).


Nicole Hansen is an assistant professor of learning disabilities at Fairleigh Dickinson University. After earning her B.S. and M.A.T. from The College of New Jersey, Dr. Hansen worked as a special education teacher. She completed her Ph.D. in Education at the University of Delaware in 2015. Currently, she teaches courses in special education and conducts research related to mathematics learning and learning disabilities.

Recent Publications:

Resnick, I., Jordan, N. C., Hansen, N., Rajan, V., Carrique, J., Siegler, R. S., & Fuchs, L. (in press). Developmental growth trajectories in understanding of fraction magnitude from fourth through sixth grade. Developmental Psychology.

Hansen, N., Jordan, N. C., & Carrique, J. (in press). Identifying learning difficulties  with fractions: a longitudinal study of student growth from third through sixth grade. Contemporary Educational Psychology (Special Issue: Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Executive Functioning: Understanding Academically At-Risk Students’ Learning, Motivation, and Engagement).

Hansen, N., Jordan, N. C., Siegler, R. S., Fernandez, E., Gersten, R., Fuchs, L., & Micklos, D. (2015). General and math-specific predictors of sixth-graders’  knowledge of fractions. Cognitive Development, 35, 34-49.  

Jordan, N. C., Hansen, N., Fuchs, L., Siegler, R. S., Gersten, R., & Micklos, D. (2013). Developmental predictors of fraction concepts and procedures. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 116(1), 45-58.

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