Nandita Ghosh

Associate Professor of English


Ph.D., English, Fordham University, New York, USA.
M.Phil., English, Delhi University, Delhi, India.
M.A., English, Delhi University, Delhi, India.
B.A., English, Delhi University, Delhi, India.

Areas of Specialization
Primary Fields: Imperialism, Postcolonialism, and Globalization, South Asian literatures,
Secondary Fields: Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Ecocriticism, Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century British literature

Courses Taught

i.     Courses at FDU

Studies in the Novel
Introduction to Critical Theory
Women Writers
Introduction to Postcolonial Studies
Postmodern Literature
Anglo-Indian Writers
Humanities Seminar I
Senior Seminar
Junior Honors Seminar
The Environment in Literature and Culture
Contemporary World Literature
Introduction to British Literature Survey I & II
Introduction to Literary Studies
Independent Study

[These are all web-enhanced courses fulfilling the distance-learning requirement at FDU]

ii.      Courses at Other Institutions

Postcolonial Fiction and Theory
Freshman Composition
Introduction to Literature
Critical Reading and Critical Writing
Images of Women in Literature


i.      Articles in Scholarly Journals

"Footloose Labor: Understanding Globalization through Literature." Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society. 15.1 (2012): 35-50.

“Introduction: Women and the Politics of Water.” International Feminist Journal of Politics. 9.4 (2007): 1-12.

“Gandhi as Floating Signifier: 1980s, India, and the Story of Development.” Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies. 12.1 (2005): 63-85.

“(Re)Writing History, (Un)Settling Relationships: The Indian National Imaginary and Alternate Maps of Belonging.” South Asian Review. 26.2 (2005): 96-115.

“Fixing the Language, Fixing the Nation.” Jouvert: A Journal of Postcolonial Studies. 5.3 (2001): 39 pars. 18 July 2001.

“‘Shooting Image Weapons …’: The Place of Manthan as Third Cinema in India.” Deep Focus: A Film Quarterly. 6.1 (1996): 59-69.

ii.      Co-edited Journals

Politics of Water: A Confluence of Women's Voices. Eds. Paola Corso and Nandita Ghosh. International Feminist Journal of Politics. 9.1 (2007). Special issue combining poetry, short fiction, testimonies, and critical essays on the gendered aspects of water politics.

Globalization, Ethnicity, and Violence: Conference Issue. Eds. Nandita Ghosh and Christina Sharpe. South Asian Review. December (2003). This issue combines the conference program and abstracts along with the original poetry of and interviews with emergent diasporic South Asian writers

iii.      Book Reviews

Indian Mutiny and the British Imagination. Gautam Chakravarty. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005. 242 pages. Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies.14.2 (Fall 2008). 97-100.

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