Mohamad Sedaghat

Professor of Production Management and MIS

Credentials, capsule biography:
Ph.D.and MS. Polytechnic University, Operations Research. MS, Polytechnic University, Industrial Engineering. BA, College of Mass Communications, Iran, Industrial Management. Dr Sedaghat joined FDU in 1982. He has taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of Quantitative Analysis, Production Operations Management, Mathematics and Management Information Systems. In September 1984 he was selected as a lead professor in the area of Computer and Information Systems. In July 1987 he was granted leave of absence that he spent working as a member of the technical staff in the department of Traffic Engineering at AT&T Bell Laboratories in Holmdale, NJ. At AT&T Bell Labs, he developed methods and requirements for monitoring the Wideband Packet Network performance and determining the corrective action to maintain service quality. Dr. Sedaghat was an Independent Consultant from 1995-2002. Missing academic life, he decided to come back full time to Fairleigh Dickinson University in September, 2002.

Publications, press mentions:
“Simulation Model for Extended Double-Ended Queuing” Kim, W.K. Yoon, P. Mendoza, G. and Sedaghat, M. Computers and Industrial Engineering, Vol.59, No.2, pp.209-219, 2010. “Queuing Models to Balance Systems with Excess Supply” Mendoza, G. Sedaghat, M. and Yoon, P. International Journal of Business & Economics Research. Volume 8, Number 1, January 2009. “Improving Judgmental Forecasting by Combining Prediction Intervals,” Yoon, P., Mendoza, G. and Sedaghat, M. International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management. Volume 14, Number 1, March 2008, pp. 49-59. “A Queuing Model for Stochastic Demand/Supply Systems,” Mendoza, G. Sedaghat, M. and Yoon, P. Proceedings of the Nineteenth Conference of the Association for Global Business, Washington D.C., November 15-18, 2007. “A Queuing Model for Stochastic Demand/Supply Systems,” Mendoza, G. and Sedaghat, M., FDU Working Paper Series, Fall 1999. “Traffic Network administration for Wideband Packet Networks,” AT&T Journal 1989 “New Product Evaluation an Application of a Multicriteria Decision Making Approach,” the Seventh international symposium on forecasting, presented May 1987.

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Interests, courses taught:
Quantitative Applications in Business, Production Management Production & Operations Management, Fundamentals of Computers Usage, Computer Technology in Business Communication, Spreadsheet Applications in Business, Data Communication & Networks, Data Communication & Technology, Resources Management Information Systems, Strategic Materials Management, Total Quality Management