Mehran Norafkan

Mehran Norafkan, Adjunct Professor, received his PhD in Linguistics from Simon Fraser University, Canada.

His PhD dissertation and research activity at Simon Fraser University focus on Second cultural models and language learning through mediation of technology and CALL (Computer assisted Language Learning). He earned an Associate Degree (Medical Science, 1994) and Bachelor's Degree (English, 1998) from Isfahan University, and completed his Master's Degree (Second Language Acquisition, 2000) with a dissertation on "university students' grammar and English language development" in Isfahan, Iran.

Acting as a university lecturer/researcher for over 10 years and as an ESL teacher for over 16 years has motivated him to try more seriously and harder to develop higher and better talents and skills in education research and practice. Since 2010 he has taught Language and Translation courses and acted as the course chair of Farsi language at the Humanity Department, Simon Fraser University. He has taught Linguistics and TESL courses in some universities and colleges both in North America and Middle East. Also, he has conducted and taught Writing Workshops at SIAT, SFU. Except for different awards and fellowships during his graduate studies, he was the winner of President Scholarship for his dissertation research. He has supervised online programs and research centers after he received his PhD. Concentrating on certain areas of Linguistics including Cognitive Linguistics, CALL (Computer assisted Language Learning) & Education Technology, Applied Linguistics, and Material Development, he has been particularly considerate in the application of his theoretical knowledge in real practice of job.

He was engaged in material development during his teaching career from time to time, but his professional turning point of material development started in 2010. It was due to his findings in second language education and social interactions. According to him, "Scholars have indicated that current ESL materials have almost ignored a highly important aspect of language acquisition—metaphorical competence". He is currently busy writing and compiling a book series, English through an authentic path, with elementary, intermediate, and upper intermediate and advanced levels. The materials and the way they have been developed are scientific and unique in terms of practicality for those learners who intend to live in a community of English native speakers.

To contact Mehran, you can email him at or call him at 604.682.8112 or our toll free number in North America 1.877.338.8002.


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