Marion McClary, Jr.

Professor of Biological Sciences
Co-Director, School of Natural Sciences
NCAA Division I Faculty Athletics Representative, Metro Campus

School of Natural Sciences

Ph.D. Zoology, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, 1997
B.S. Marine Science, Richard Stockton State College, Pomona, New Jersey, 1990

Research that I do:
I am a behavioral/physiological ecologist. I am interested in how behavior and physiology influence ecology and how the environment influences behavior, physiology and ecology. More specifically I conduct research on:

  • Studies of respiration on larval and adult Daphnia
  • Studies of benthic biodiversity in Tenakill Brook
  • Studies of benthic biodiversity in Musquapsink Brook
  • Studies of benthic biodiversity in Kearny Marsh before and after capping
  • Studies of benthic biodiversity prior to a reverse osmosis plant in Clear Water Bay, China
  • Studies on the respiration of laboratory-reared midge fly larvae
  • Studies of Spartina alterniflora and Phragmites australis as habitat for the ribbed mussel, Geukensia demissa, in Saw Mill Creek of New Jersey's Hackensack Meadowlands
  • Toxicity test of Roundup on the fiddler crab Uca pugnax (Smith) and the ribbed mussel Geukensia demissa (Dillwyn)
  • Studies of gastropod feeding on detritus of Spartina alterniflora and Phragmites australis from polluted and non-polluted areas
  • Studies on the distribution of living barnacles in the tidal Hackensack River

Links of interest:

Selected Publication
Hackensack River water quality under the FDU footbridge courtesy of the Bergen County Department of Health Services and the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute (MERI)

Short Abstract

University College

School of Natural Sciences
1000 River Road, (H-DH4-03)
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Courses that I teach:
The Human Environment (BIOL 1105)
The Human Environment Laboratory (BIOL 1115)
Oceanography (ENVR 1111)
Oceanography Laboratory (ENVR 1112)
Beach Ecology (MBIO 1118)
Beach Ecology Laboratory (MBIO 1128)
General Biology I (BIOL 1251)
General Biology II (BIOL 1252)
General Biology II Laboratory (BIOL 1254)
Ecology and Field Biology (BIOL 2250)
Ecology and Field Biology Laboratory (BIOL 2150)
Tropical Marine Invertebrates (MBIO 3400)
Physiology of Marine Animals (MBIO 3650)
Physiology of Marine Animals Laboratory (MBIO 3651)
Marine Biology Research I (MBIO 4201)
Marine Biology Research II (MBIO 4202)
Animal Behavior (BIOL 4414)
Animal Behavior Laboratory (BIOL 4415)
Behavioral Ecology (BIOL 6771)
Physiological Ecology (BIOL 6775)