Lona Whitmarsh


Professor, Department of Psychology and Counseling

Graduate Student Coordinator

Ed.D. Boston University


Areas of Specialization:

Counseling adolescents

SEARCH model as counseling strategy

Career counseling - focus on mid-life career changers

Couples and family counseling - focuing on transition throught the divorce process

Supervision for Licensed Associate Counselors


Currently teaching:


General Psychology

Cross Cultural Psychology (short term study abroad Wroxton experience)


Practicum and Internship



Insight Counseling and Consulting, Morristown, NJ

Short Abstract

Current research interests include a counseling model for adolescents and a focus on career development for adult career changers. Also, currently have an affiliaiton with The Cambridge Professional Center in Morristown, NJ as a counseling psychologist.

Links of interest:

Official Madison Psychology Web Site
American Counseling Association