Lindsey Greene Barrett

Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Interests, courses taught:
Lindsey Greene Barrett teaches in the Silberman College of Business. The courses she teaches includes:

ENTR 2400 - Women as Entrepreneurs: This course focuses on emergence of women owned businesses globally. Female entrepreneurship is realizing its potential as we witness women emerging as business owners in economic sectors they have not previously occupied. The primary objective of this course is to consider what this means for young women who are trying building a career today. Could entrepreneurship be one of the career paths they should be aware of as they plan their futures? (Undergraduate)

BUSI 3160 - Business Planning Forum: This course focuses on the venture planning process, creating a business plan and on the stages of organizational development. Students will learn how to plan a new business venture and make intelligent "go/no go" decisions. Students will learn about the design and purposes of a business plan and will create a basic business plan. Students will also learn about what happens as a new venture is created and begins to grow. This process is called the life cycle and it highlights changes in organizational structure, strategy, leadership styles and reward programs that are often required to maximize the health and performance of the developing organization. (Undergraduate)

ENTR 7802 - Venture Creation & Development: This capstone course - an experiential learning opportunity - immerses students in the actual process of developing entrepreneurial and innovative strategies. Student teams partner with businesses in the community, applying strategic critical thinking and cross functional problem solving skills that are required to launch, grow and finance a new venture. Client companies cover a wide range of industries, markets, sizes and growth opportunities. MBA Capstone class, available to every MBA candidate. (Graduate)

Credentials, capsule biography:

Lindsey graduated from the University of Virginia in 2000 with a B.A. in English and a History minor. In 2007, she received her M.B.A. from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

In 2001, she began working for Singleton Browne Corporation, an entrepreneurial venture in industrial and residential construction and development started in 1965 by her father. For the last nine years, Lindsey has acted as manager of the firm’s industrial holdings in Upper Saddle River, NJ.

Lindsey Greene Barrett is president of Women Throughout Time, an organization that provides a series of lectures, seminars and workshops for and about women. Lindsey founded Women Throughout Time to further women’s history education and provide programs for businesswomen and women entrepreneurs.

Lindsey Greene Barrett resides in Wyckoff, NJ with her husband Nicholas. She is active in several local organizations on a volunteer basis, including the Hermitage, a historic house museum and history education center, the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey and FDU’s Sands of Time: Exposure to Greatness. Lindsey continues to teach on an adjunct basis at FDU, uphold her position at Singleton Browne Corporation, and advance Women Throughout Time.

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